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Joseph Edgard Montegut (d. 1880)
Edgard Montegut, a Democratic candidate, was elected the eleventh Mayor of New Orleans, April 1, 1844 and served until April 5, 1846. As far as it is known, this was the only public office he ever held.

Mr. Montegut was a native of Louisiana and a true representative of the old Creole traditions. Very little is known of his administration as events were of no particular interest at that time. New Orleans was undergoing certain changes, the results of which did not show until a later date. But never had New Orleans been more prosperous. It had now recovered from the financial disaster of 1837, its trade was steadily growing, the population was increasing and many new buildings were being erected. In the American quarter, 295 buildings were constructed during the year 1845. Most of these structures were built of brick, granite or other durable materials.

During his administration, $1,500,000 worth of Municipal Bonds were destroyed by throwing them into the furnace of the steam ferry-boat of the First Municipality. These Bonds had been issued in 1838 and Denis Prieur Esq. had gone to Europe to have them negotiated; failing in this, they were ordered withdrawn as of no value.

On June 19, 1844, a portrait of General Andrew Jackson was hung beside those of Generals Harrison and Clay, in the Council Chamber of the Second Municipality. The sum paid for this portrait was $1,000. On June 15, 1845 when the news of Andrew Jackson’s death reached New Orleans, Mayor Montegut requested that all flags be lowered to half-mast. Guns were fired at intervals of 15 minutes, from the public square on the three municipalities, as a mark of respect to the late President. Every inhabitant of New Orleans mourned the loss of the man whose great deeds form a bright and ever memorable page in the history of our country. The St. Louis Cathedral being refused to General Jackson’s friends for the funeral obsequies (Jackson being a Protestant) the ceremonies took place on June 26 in the Place d’Armes, now known as Jackson Square. It was near dusk when the head of the procession entered the square and night set in before the orators could commence. The top of the railing around the square was lighted with lamps and the platform was illuminated with a circle of torches making a most picturesque appearance. It was here that Colonial Governors during the Spanish and French regime were usually received, presented their credentials and issued their proclamations. It was also here that the ceremony of the transfer of this province from France to Spain, from Spain back to France and finally to the United States, took place.

Edgard Montegut died in New Orleans, April 3, 1880 at 12:30 P.M. at the age of 74. He lies buried in the old St. Louis Cemetery on Basin Street, between St. Louis and Conti Streets. Upon the tomb is inscribed, “Familie Joseph Montegut Pere.” The funeral took place from the residence of his brother-in-law, Armant Pitot 207 North Rampart Street.

Members of the Montegut Administration
May 13, 1844-April 5, 1846

Name Office District Notes
Genois, Joseph Recorder First Mun.
Lafonta, E. Recorder Second Mun. Clerk
Baldwin, J. Recorder Second Mun.
Lewis, G. W. Recorder Third Mun.
Reynes, D. Secretary First Mun.
Layet, J. E. Secretary Third Mun.
Pilie, H. Surveyor First Mun. Deputy
Communy, A. Surveyor First Mun.
Dunbar, G. D. Surveyor Second Mun.
D'Hemecurt, J. A. Surveyor Third Mun.
Canon, E. A. Surveyor Third Mun. Assistant
Kernion, P. H. Syndic of the Bayou St. John First Mun.
Cornu, S. N. Syndic of the Bayou St. John First Mun.
Durel, J. A. Treasurer First Mun.
Guirot, A. J. Treasurer First Mun.
Sloo, Jr., John Treasurer Second Mun.
Dubarry, J. F. Treasurer Third Mun.
Colla, J. P. Wharfinger First Mun.
Butler, John R. Wharfinger Second Mun.
Wiltz, T. H. Wharfinger Third Mun.
Morel, C. Attorney First Mun.
Soule, P. Attorney First Mun.
Warfield, P. S. Attorney Second Mun. Assistant
Rawle, Ed. Attorney Second Mun.
Andry, Wm. Attorney Third Mun.
Canon, E. A. Attorney Third Mun.
Cruzat, F. M. Auctioneer First Mun.
Youenes, J. Captain of the Guard First Mun.
Winter, J. L. Captain of the Guard Second Mun.
Mazerat, E. Captain of the Guard Third Mun.
Cottam, John Collector/Dog Tax Second Mun.
Berry, S. H. Collector/Dog Tax Second Mun.
Lambert, J. D. Collector/Drays and Vehicles First Mun.
Wheaton, W. H. Collector/Drays and Vehicles Second Mun.
de Marans, Ch. Collector/Drays and Vehicles Third Mun.
Deacon, Wm. Collector/Levee Dues Second Mun.
Massicot, J. B. Collector/Port Dues Third Mun.
Liautaud, A. Collector/Public Houses First Mun.
Turner, S. H. Collector/Public Houses Second Mun.
Colsson, P. H. Collector/Public Houses Third Mun.
Cognac, C. N. Collector/Public Houses Third Mun.
Rieffel, A. Collector/Steamships First Mun.
Lange, C. Collector/Vessels First Mun.
Garcia, F. Commissary of Police 1st Mun./1st Dist.
Lavigne, Ed. Commissary of Police 1st Mun./2nd Dist.
Baldwin, Alex. Commissary of Police 1st Mun./3rd Dist.
Brauns Commissary of Police 1st Mun./4th Dist.
Prevost, J. Commissary of Police 1st Mun./5th Dist.
James. W. H. Commissary of Police 2nd Mun./1st Dist.
Leonard, C. S. Commissary of Police 2nd Mun./2nd Dist.
Wells, E. Commissary of Police 2nd Mun./3rd Dist.
James. W. H. Commissary of Police 2nd Mun./4th Dist.
Charbonnet, A. C. Commissary of Police 3rd Mun./1st Dist.
Dupre, A. Commissary of Police 3rd Mun./2nd Dist.
Dupre, E. Commissary of Police 3rd Mun./3rd Dist.
Charbonnet, A. E. Commissary of Police 3rd Mun./4th Dist.
Prados, J. Commissary of Police/Meat Market First Mun.
Lafferanderie, J. M. Commissary of Police/Port Market Third Mun.
O'Grady, John C. Commissary of Police/Poydras Market Second Mun.
Purdon, James Commissary of Police/St. Mary's Market Second Mun.
Manchon, D. Commissary of Police/Vegetable Market First Mun.
Calhoun, J. Comptroller Second Mun.
Buisson Guardian of the Bridge First Mun.
Plauchard, E. Keeper of the Cemetery First Mun.
Canon, J. Keeper of the Cemetery First Mun.
Blanchard, E. Keeper of the Jail First Mun.
Eldridge, A. H. Keeper of the Jail Second Mun.
Durel, M. Keeper of the Pound

Cuvillier, J. Notary First Mun.
Marks, J. B. Notary Second Mun.
Cuvillier, J. Notary Third Mun.
Mercier, A. Physician of the Jail First Mun.
Osborne, J. B. Physician of the Jail Second Mun.
Dupas, Dr. Physician of the Jail Third Mun.
Bayon, J. Printer First Mun.
Merrifield, A. S. Printer Second Mun.
Magne & Weisse Printer Third Mun.
Mercier, A., Dr. Alderman/General Council First Mun.
Morel, Ch. Alderman/General Council First Mun.
Sigur, L. T. Alderman/General Council First Mun.
Wiltz, E. Alderman/General Council First Mun.
Cenas, H. B. Alderman/General Council First Mun.
Curzat, M. Alderman/General Council First Mun.
Pilie, A. Alderman/General Council First Mun.
Saul, James Alderman/General Council Second Mun.
Hepp, W. Alderman/General Council Second Mun.
Christy, W. Alderman/General Council Second Mun.
Jordy, F. Alderman/General Council Second Mun.
Forno, H. Alderman/General Council Second Mun.
Avery, W. H. Alderman/General Council Second Mun.
Daunoy, C. F. Alderman/General Council Third Mun.
Russo, A. Alderman/General Council Third Mun.
Lewis, A. S. Alderman/General Council Third Mun.
Rousseau, A. Alderman/General Council Third Mun.
Relf, S. S. Alderman/General Council Third Mun.
Vandergriff, J. Alderman/General Council Third Mun.
Coquet, F. Alderman/General Council Third Mun.
Blondeau, A. Alderman 1st Mun./1st Dist.
Crossman, A. D. Alderman 1st Mun./1st Dist.
Duplessis, J. Alderman 1st Mun./1st Dist.
Cruzat, J. Alderman 1st Mun./1st Dist.
Davis, John Alderman 1st Mun./1st Dist.
Hagan, R. Alderman 1st Mun./1st Dist.
Shields Alderman 1st Mun./1st Dist.
Hermann, L. Alderman 1st Mun./1st Dist.
Gurlie, N. Alderman 1st Mun./2nd Dist.
Forstall, E. Alderman 1st Mun./2nd Dist.
Labatut, D. Alderman 1st Mun./2nd Dist.
Fontenette, J. A. Alderman 1st Mun./2nd Dist.
Peire, H. D. Alderman 1st Mun./3rd Dist.
Faures, E. Alderman 1st Mun./3rd Dist.
Correjolles, F. Alderman 1st Mun./4th Dist.
Maurin, A. Alderman 1st Mun./4th Dist.
Baudoin, A. Alderman 1st Mun./4th Dist.
Lafargue, A. Alderman 1st Mun./4th Dist.
Ramos, C. Alderman 1st Mun./5th Dist.
Benit, J. Alderman 1st Mun./5th Dist.
Robb, James Alderman 2nd Mun./1st Dist.
Freret, J. P. Alderman 2nd Mun./1st Dist.
Flower, W. Alderman 2nd Mun./1st Dist.
Caldwell, J. S. Alderman 2nd Mun./1st Dist.
Dana, A. Alderman 2nd Mun./2nd Dist.
Hill, A. Alderman 2nd Mun./2nd Dist.
Peters, S. J. Alderman 2nd Mun./2nd Dist.
Lockett, H. Alderman 2nd Mun./2nd Dist.
Snowden Alderman 2nd Mun./2nd Dist.
Layet, A. Alderman 2nd Mun./3rd Dist.
Ross, J. Alderman 2nd Mun./3rd Dist.
Simpson, A. P. Alderman 2nd Mun./3rd Dist.
Lathrop, H. Alderman 2nd Mun./3rd Dist.
Wilson, A. G. Alderman 2nd Mun./4th Dist.
Naudaud, D. O Alderman 3rd Mun./1st Dist.
Charbonnet, R. A. Alderman 3rd Mun./1st Dist.
Blossman, S. S. Alderman 3rd Mun./2nd Dist.
Crais, Lange Alderman 3rd Mun./2nd Dist.
Boylan, Ch. Alderman 3rd Mun./2nd Dist.
De Buys, W. Alderman 3rd Mun./3rd Dist.
Wiltz, S. Alderman 3rd Mun./3rd Dist.
Holland, J. E. Alderman 3rd Mun./4th Dist.
Coquet, F. Alderman 3rd Mun./4th Dist.

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