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Administrations of the Mayors of New Orleans
Charles Genois (d. 1866)
Charles Genois, a whig candidate and a native of New Orleans, was elected the ninth mayor on April 2, 1838 and took office on May 12, 1838. His administration was a rather weak one, coming during a period of stagnation or as we would say today, depression, following the boom which had characterized the previous administration under Prieur. It was, however, a model of efficiency and unswerving integrity, the memory of which linked with the brightest days of the city’s past. Both in private and domestic life, Mr. Genois was equally exemplary, beneficient and warmly cherished.

One picturesque and interesting episode was the second visit of General Jackson, who had completed his term as President of the United States, but still was the chief figure in his part. The formal invitation to come to the city for the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans was extended to him at a meeting in the St. Louis Cotton Exchange, on November 12, 1839. The specific reason for his presence was that a cornerstone was to be laid, commemorating his victories in the Battle of New Orleans, a quarter of a century before. He arrived on board the steamer “Vicksburg,” January 8, 1840 at ten o’clock in the morning, landing at the Carrollton wharf, where an immense throng had assembled to welcome “the most distinguished citizen of the country.”

General Jackson laid the cornerstone in the Place d’Armes, on January 9, 1840. It was not until some years later that the monument decided upon was the one of Jackson, designed by Clark Mills, which stands in the center of the ancient parade grounds for the troops. This statue has been called the “center piece of one of the finest architectural sittings in the world.”

New Orleans in 1840, with a population of 102,192, had grown to be the fourth largest city in the United States.

In August, Mayor Genois informed the Council of the First Municipality that the city owed the banks more than $1,100,000 and had no means of paying. An attempt to negotiate a loan to tide the city over, proved unsuccessful as the banks refused to make further advances. It seems that the revenues did not suffice to meet the ordinary expenses of the administration. Paving had been started on Royal Street, improvements were started toward the lake, and the digging of the Carondelet Canal was started. All this work was temporarily suspended and to meet routine expenses of the city, $150,000 was raised by mortgaging four squares of ground to the banks. Prieur was sent to New York to raise funds, and the following December a bond issue of $300,000 in 6 percent bonds was successfully floated as a result of this visit. In May 1836, there was a deficit of $3,065,837 in addition to the interest on the debts of the previous years which amounted to approximately $103,000 and there were no means of paying these obligations.

Charles Genois died August 30, 1866 after a long illness, at the age of 73. His funeral was held from the residence at 1786 Annunciation Street and interment took place in the St. Louis Cemetery Number 2.

Members of the Genois Administration
May 12, 1838-April 6, 1840

Name Office District
Augustin, D. Secretary First Mun.
Gibson, John Secretary Second Mun.
Smith, Persifor F. Secretary Third Mun.
St. Amand, J. B. S. Secretary Third Mun.
Bertus, P. Recorder First Mun.
Baldwin, J. Recorder Second Mun.
Curvellier, Ch. Recorder Thrid Mun.
Guesnon, P. Treasurer First Mun
Duplessis, T. Treasurer First Mun.
Sloo, Jr. Thomas Treasurer Second Mun.
Sommereau, E. Treasurer Third Mun.
Guirot, G. Comptroller First Mun.
Calhoun, J. Comptroller Second Mun.
de Freret, G. Comptroller Third Mun.
Bourgerol, A. Surveyor First Mun.
Pilie, J. Surveyor Third Mun.
Mercier, J. J. Attorney
Canon, E. A. Attorney
Cuvellier, Joseph Notary Third Mun.
Surgi, L. Inspector of Public Works Third Mun.
Bayon, J. Printer First Mun.
Gibson, John Printer Second Mun.
de St. Romes, J. C. Printer Third Mun.
Liautaud, A. Tax Collector, Public Houses First Mun.
Montamat, L. Tax Collector, Public Houses Third Mun.
Lambert, J. D. Tax Collector, Dryas and Vehicles First Mun.
Massicot, I. B. Collector of Levee Dues Third Mun.
Le Blanc, O. Tax Collector, Peddler First Mun.
Mahe, J. Collector of Port First Mun.
Manchon, Diego Commisary of Vegetable Markets First Mun.
Prados, Joseph Commisary of Meat Markets First Mun.
Lange, G. Wharfinger First Mun.
Wates, John Wharfinger First Mun.
Vienne, I. R. Wharfinger Third Mun.
Maurice, J. Captain of the Guard First Mun.
Youenes, John Captain of the Guard Third Mun.
Hubert, M. Sergeant of Arms First Mun.
Frette, J. Police Commissioner 1st Mun./Dist.Unk.
Durel, N. Police Commissioner 1st Mun./Dist. Unk.
de St. Vilme, C. Police Commissioner 1st Mun./Dist. Unk.
Naudaud, D. O. Police Commissioner 3rd Mun./1st Dist.
Rousseau, A. Police Commissioner 3rd Mun./2nd Dist.
Guerin, L. Police Commissioner 3rd Mun./3rd Dist.
Naudaud, D. O.. Police Commissioner 3rd Mun./4th Dist.
Fortier, A. Police Commissioner 3rd Mun./4th Dist.
Ramos, C. Warden of the Jail First Mun.
Harris, P. Physician of the Jail First Mun.
Fazende, M. Keeper of the Powder House First Mun.
Philips, D. Engineer of the Water Works First Mun.
Canon, J. Keeper of the Cemetery First Mun.
Guignan, R. Syndic of the Bayou St. John First Mun.
Clavie, A. Syndic of Milnebourg First Mun.
Armitage, J. A. Alderman 1st Mun./1st Dist.
Duplessis, W. F. C. Alderman 1st Mun./1st Dist.
Picton, Dr. J. M. W. Alderman 1st Mun./1st Dist.
Duplessis, Edward Alderman 1st Mun./1st Dist.
Crossman, A. B. Alderman 1st Mun./1st Dist.
Faures, F. B. Alderman 1st Mun./1st Dist.
Luzenberg, D. C. A. Alderman 1st Mun./1st Dist.
Lafonta Alderman 1st Mun./1st Dist.
Locke, S. Alderman 1st Mun./1st Dist.
Duncan, J. Alderman 1st Mun./1st Dist.
Caldwell, James H. Alderman 2nd Mun./1st Dist.
Nixon, John Alderman 2nd Mun./1st Dist.
Meux, T. O. Alderman 2nd Mun./1st Dist.
Gloyd, Spencer Alderman 2nd Mun./1st Dist.
Freret, J. P. Alderman 2nd Mun./1st Dist.
Rogers, D. J. Alderman 2nd Mun./1st Dist.
Blossman, S. Alderman 3rd Mun./1st Dist.
Beauregard, B. Alderman 3rd Mun./1st Dist.
Preux, R. Alderman 3rd Mun./1st Dist.
Montamat, G. Alderman 3rd Mun./1st Dist.
Forstall, C. Alderman 1st Mun./2nd Dist.
Guillot, Joseph Alderman 1st Mun./2nd Dist.
Wiltz, V. Alderman 1st Mun./2nd Dist.
Colson, Zanon Alderman 1st Mun./2nd Dist.
Lanaux, A. P. Alderman 1st Mun./2nd Dist.
Lesseps, Charles Alderman 1st Mun./2nd Dist.
Forstall, E. Alderman 1st Mun./2nd Dist.
Dupaty, T. Alderman 1st Mun./2nd Dist.
Peters, Samuel J. Alderman 2nd Mun./2nd Dist.
Yorke, Edward Alderman 2nd Mun./2nd Dist.
Lockett, Henry Alderman 2nd Mun./2nd Dist.
Marigny, B. Alderman 3rd Mun./2nd Dist.
Rigaud, L. Alderman 3rd Mun./2nd Dist.
Culbertson, J. Alderman 3rd Mun./2nd Dist.
Bright, G. Y. Alderman 3rd Mun./2nd Dist.
Cruzat, M. Alderman 1st Mun./3rd Dist.
Lambert, F. Alderman 1st Mun./3rd Dist.
Lefevre, F. Alderman 1st Mun./3rd Dist.
Prados Alderman 1st Mun./3rd Dist.
Vignie Alderman 1st Mun./3rd Dist.
Guesnard Alderman 1st Mun./3rd Dist.
Durel, Justin Alderman 1st Mun./3rd Dist.
Lefevre, J. Alderman 1st Mun./3rd Dist.
Forstall, Ch. Alderman 1st Mun./3rd Dist.
Whitney, B. Alderman 2nd Mun./3rd Dist.
Hall, J. Alderman 2nd Mun./3rd Dist.
Sewell, E. W. Alderman 2nd Mun./3rd Dist.
Dubuys, Wm. Alderman 3rd Mun./3rd Dist.
Kilshaw, J. Alderman 3rd Mun./3rd Dist.
Giquel, F. Alderman 3rd Mun./3rd Dist.
Correjolles, F. Alderman 1st Mun./4th Dist.
Preval, G. Alderman 1st Mun./4th Dist.
Marsoudet, P. Alderman 1st Mun./4th Dist.
Durel, A. Alderman 1st Mun./4th Dist.
Delery Alderman 1st Mun./4th Dist.
Cucullu, M. S. Alderman 3rd Mun./4th Dist.
Duvignaud, L. Alderman 3rd Mun./4th Dist.
Colson, N. Alderman 1st Mun./5th Dist.
Colson, P. H. Alderman 1st Mun./5th Dist.
Roy, F. Alderman 1st Mun./5th Dist.
Lanaux, Phillipe Alderman 1st Mun./5th Dist.
Buisson, F. Alderman 1st Mun./5th Dist.
Doriocourt, A. D. Alderman 1st Mun./5th Dist.

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