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Henry C. Deming (1815-1872)
Henry Champion Deming, lawyer, was born at Colchester, Conn., May 23, 1815, a son of General David and Abigail who served in the battle of Bunker Hill, Long Island and Stony Point.

He graduated at Yale College in 1836, after which he studied law at the Harvard Law School, and was graduated there in 1839. He commenced the practice of his profession in New York City, but in 1847 removed to Hartford, Conn., where he remained the rest of his life. He held many prominent state offices, serving in the lower house of the legislature, 1849-1850 and in 1859-1861, and was a member of the state senate in 1851. He was mayor of Hartford in 1854-58 and also in 1860-62.

He was married in Hartford, 1850, to Sarah, daughter of Laurent Clerc, who came to this country from France with Thomas H. Callandet in 1816, and with him inaugurated at Hartford, the education of the deaf mutes in the United States. Three sons and a daughter were born of this union.

During the war between the States he became colonel of the 12th Connecticut volunteers infantry, serving in Louisiana. Colonel Deming was on detached duty, acting as major of New Orleans from October 1862 to January 1863. His term was purely clerical and advisory and was too brief too permit any definite policy. He then resigned from the army, returned to Hartford, Connecticut, and was elected to Congress, as a Republican.

Deming is remembered in New Orleans in connection with Butler’s notorious “Woman Order.” H was walking with Farragut in full uniform through the streets of the city when some unknown person, presumably a woman, emptied a can of dirty water over the two officers. It is said it was this offense among others, that led Butler to issue the order.

He was a man of broad culture and refined tastes, and spent a large part of his time in literary and journalistic employments. He edited the “New World,” a literary weekly, in New York City, also a eulogy of Abraham Lincoln (1865) and “Life of U. S. Grant” (1868) of whom he was strong friend and admirer.

He was married a second time at Hartford, 1871, to Mrs. Annie Wilson Jullson, who survived him.

He died in Hartford, Conn., October 9, 1872.

Members of the Deming Administration
October 2, 1862-January 30, 1863

Name Office District Notes
Watkins, John A. Board of Assessors

Durell, E. H. Bureau of Finance

Neville, Julien Bureau of Streets and Landings

Howell, Stoddard Comptroller

Torsey, Sam H. Comptroller
Auditor (Public Accounts)
Ingram, G. Drainage Board First Dist. President
Murphy, Edmund Inspector of Weights and Measures

Terrebonne, W. T. Inspector of Weights and Measures

Kinsman, J. B., Lieut. Col. Police Department
Aide de Camp
Crane, W. H. Police Department
Special Police
Morse, A. W. Secretary

Pettingill, W. S. Secretary

Murphy, Thos. Henry Secretary

Bell, W. H. Street Commissioner

Thorpe, T. B., Col. Surveyor

Walton, John S. Treasurer

Flanders, Benj. F. Treasurer

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