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Administrations of the Mayors of New Orleans
Glendy Burke
Hugh Kennedy was re-appointed mayor, but as he was in Washington at the time of his re-appointment, Glendy Burke, Chairman of the Bureau of Finance, acted in his stead from June 6-28th, 1865, when Hugh Kennedy returned to New Orleans and assumed his place. Except for those positions listed below, Burke's administration was the same as under Hugh Kennedy from June 28, 1865-March 18, 1866.

Members of the Burke Administration
June 8-28, 1865

Name Office Notes
Burke, J., Lieut. Chief of Police Acting Chief
Mandell, D. E. City Assessor
Jenkins, E. J. City Assessor
Bercier, E. L. City Assessor
Hall, N. C. City Assessor
Torrey, N. S. City Assessor
Dorsay, Greenbury City Assessor
Stauffer, C. W. Registrar of Voters
Bailey, J. F. Secretary to the Mayor
McCerren, George Street Commissioner
Reid, J. M. Streets and Landings
Lucas, H. Streets and Landings Chairman
Walton, John S. Treasurer

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