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Sources for Researching the History of Your House (Or Other Building) in New Orleans

Sewerage & Water Board House Connection Records, 1907-1960

If your building dates from the period ca. 1907-1960, this series of records could provide you with a very close approximation of the date of construction since the original water and sewer connections would have been made while the structure was going up. Earlier buildings, of course, would have had to have initial connections as well, so you must be careful not to depend on these documents unless you are certain from other sources that yours is indeed of twentieth century vintage.

Street Index, ca. 1908-1960
Arranged alphabetically by street and, within each street listing, by street address with the sewerage connection and water connection numbers given for each address. Information for the Algiers section is included in a separate alphabetically arrangement.
(LLD1 1908-1960 mf)

Foreman's and Inspector's Sewerage Reports, ca. 1907-1962
Arranged numerically by connection number, the reports provide the date of connection, location, types of material used, and the type of pavement at the work site. Diagrams of the site are also included.
(LLD2 1907-1962 mf)

Water Meter Connections, ca. 1908-1964
Arranged numerically by connection number, the records give the date of each water meter connection, the location, name of the property owner, and the name of the master plumber on the job. In addition to the initial connection, there are also references to the dates of later meter changes.
(LLD64 WNO 1908-1964 mf)

Water Meter Connections, Algiers, ca. 1909-1960
Identical to the above series, but for Algiers.
(LLD64 WA 1909-1964 mf)


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