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Louisiana Division Map Collection
The Louisiana Division's Map Collection includes manuscript and printed maps, surveys, and architectural plans dating back to the eighteenth century. Most of these items are from the old City Surveyor and Engineer Offices. Some of the old surveys show the existing improvements on specific properties. There are also architectural plans for a number of structures, most of them non-residential. Among these are several fire houses and markets, including the original plans for the vegetable market section of the French Market. Researchers interested in additional information should consult with the archivist in the Louisiana Division.

A small sample of the Map Collection can be found online.

Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans. Drainage Department. Maps, n.d.
Recorded on 13 rolls of 35mm microfilm are maps of proposed canals, drawings of manhole covers, plans for catch basins, and street profiles. Some of the maps show existing buildings, especially in the case of properties that were to expropriated or otherwise affected by the indicated project. Interspersed within this series of Drainage Department-created maps are other items that were collected by the department over the years. Among the more interesting items are an 1867 plan of Jefferson City, an 1894 plan of Audubon Park, and a 1916 series of Public Belt Railroad Commission maps showing the New Orleans riverfront in considerable detail. Unfortunately, there is no discernible logic to the arrangement of these maps.
(LL620 n.d. mf)

New Orleans (La.) City Planning Commission. Subdivision Maps, 1927-1963
The subdivision maps approved by the City Planning Commission are also available on microfilm. These include both the large scale subdivision developments in the newer parts of New Orleans and the smaller resubdivisions of individual squares or blocks.
(AQ351 1927-1963 mf)


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