Louisiana Division/City Archives
New Orleans Public Library

Sources for Researching the History of Your House (Or Other Building) in New Orleans

Introduction to the Online Version (2009)

In 1976, Wayne Everard, Archivist in NOPL's Louisiana Division/City Archives (now retired), wrote the first of our guides to using materials housed in our collections for researching the history of a house or other building in New Orleans. That first publication, Researching the History of Your House Using Materials from the Louisiana Division of New Orleans Public Library, was a modest essay of 18 double-spaced pages, outlining the basic sources available at NOPL. In 1986, Wayne revised and expanded the guide -- now titled How to Research the History of Your House (Or Other Building) in New Orleans -- and we sold it over the reference desk for $5.00. Although we sold our last copies several years ago, we put the full text of the guide online in the late 1990's, and the publication lived on.

After 23 years, though, the guide needed updating. We learned more about the collections over those two decades, additional materials were microfilmed and indexed, the internet enhanced access to some of our materials, and new materials came into the collection. This new online version is the first step towards a more extensive revision of the guide (which we hope to republish at some time in the future). This version retains the information in the 1986 guide, but corrects, updates, and expands, as necessary. We hope to add even further details as time goes on.

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