Louisiana Division/City Archives
New Orleans Public Library

Sources for Researching the History of Your House (Or Other Building) in New Orleans

Table of Contents


Chain of Title Search
        Conveyance Division
        Notarial Archives

Maps, Plans & Related Sources
        Street Name and House Number Changes
        Sanborn Insurance Maps
        Robinson Atlas
        Plan Books

Sources in the City Archives
        Sewerage and Water Board House Connection Records
        Property Tax Records
        Building Permits
        Civil Court Records/Sheriff's Sales
        Fire Department
        Board of Zoning Adjustments
        City Council
        Surveyor's Office & City Engineer
        City Planning Commission
        Comptroller's Office
        Vieux Carre Commission

Sources in the Louisiana Division
        City Directories & Federal Census
        Newspapers & Periodicals

Digital Resources provided by the City of New Orleans
        City of New Orleans Propert Viewer
        Where Y'at: Service and Information Lookup for the City of New Orleans
        Cultural Economy PLanning Map
        NORA Property Viewer
        Additional Tools based on GIS information

Sources in Other Local Repositories

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