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Sources for Researching the History of Your House (Or Other Building) in New Orleans


Many of the published books in the Louisiana Division will be helpful in researching the history of Crescent City buildings. It is impossible to list all of the potentially useful books in this space. Researchers should consult the Library's online catalog (available at the NOPL homepage: nolalibrary.org) and also ask the Louisiana Division reference staff for recommenations. Listed below are some of the more important publications:

Friends of the Cabildo. New Orleans architecture New Orleans, La.: (8 vols.)
The Friends of the Cabildo series on New Orleans architecture should be consulted by all, even if the site being researched lies outside of the geographical areas covered by the eight volumes. They provide many ideas on research methods through the examples included in the texts. (720.976335 N53)

New Orleans Chamber of Commerce. The city of New Orleans: the book of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Louisiana and other public bodies of the "Crescent City". New Orleans: G.W. Engelhardt, 1894.
Contains 1892-vintage photographs of the residences and businesses of local entrepreneurs, from the Esplanade Street mansion of rice mill operator E.V. Reiss, to the more modest home of roofer Albert Brandin at 1225 Elysian Fields. (917.631 N5224)

New Orleans, Louisiana, the Crescent City : the book of the Picayune also of the public bodies and business interests of the place. New Orleans, La.: Geo. W. Engelhardt, 1903-1904.
Similar to the above work. (917.631 P58)

There are numerous volumes that may be more or less accidentally of use to architectural research. These include guide books that contain photographs of different parts of New Orleans; programs of conventions and other events that often include advertisements portraying the structures that housed the advertisers; and school (and other) yearbooks that picture buildings associated with the school or other institution. Also of potential value are documents compiled by or for various municipal agencies and housed in the City Archives collection.


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