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Brother Walter Davenport, C.S.C. (b. December 29, 1928)
Interviewed by Adele Mangipano [Time: 45 minutes]

Tells history of Holy Cross Order in New Orleans:

  • 1820
    • Founded in France
  • 1841
    • First group came to the U.S. at the request of a priest in Vincennes, Indiana.
    • Group moved to Notre Dame University
  • 1849
    • Five brothers and three sisters to take over an orphanage in New Orleans.
    • Holy Cross School is an outgrowth of the orphanage.
    • Brother Vincent, Director of orphanage
    • Older orphans to learn trades
    • One year, fifty orphans died of yellow fever
  • 1889
    • Name changed from St. Isadore to Holy Cross
  • 1912
    • Additions to 1895 building; brought in central heat and electricity
    • School produced outstanding people
  • 1905-1955
    • Sisters on staff took on role of domestics
  • 1998
    • Celebrating 150th anniversary in New Orleans
  • Tradition of fathers, grandfathers, and some great-grandfathers of present pupils attending Holy Cross

E. N. Kearney, Jr. (b. 1900)
Interviewed by Dorothy Schlesinger, April 30, 1998 [Time: 50 minutes]

Side 1

Born in 1900 and lived on First St. near Carondelet.

Remembers the hurricane of 1909 and describes Horticultural Hall.

Describes transportation in New Orleans and the different streetcar lines.

Describes the amusement park at West End and the New Basin Canal.

Discusses street paving and parking problems.

Recalls his attendance at Miss Finney's School, LaSalle School, and Newman (starting in the fifth grade).

Discusses railroad stations, Public Belt Railroad trains, and wharves on the river.

Recalls dating with a chaperone and later double-dating.

Discusses the Bonnet Carre Spillway and pumping water out of the city.

Describes the American Sugar Refinery.

Discusses the road between New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

Recalls a Momus parade float incident when the mule pulling it fell over dead.

Describes his summers in Pass Christian and in North Carolina.

Side 2

Recalls seeing early Charlie Chaplin movies.

Recalls his Chemical Engineering studies at Tulane and entry into his grandfather's business. His grandfather traveled by buggy to sugar plantations on the River Road. Three of his grandfather's children died from yellow fever.

Recalls his happy family life.

Justine Godchaux McCarthy (b. 1909) [b. April 8, 1909, New Orleans, LA; d. April 25, 2004, Metairie, LA]
Interviewed by Dorothy Schlesinger, April 6, 1998 [Time: 45 minutes]

Describes her early years on St. Charles Ave. in uptown New Orleans.

Recounts her early childhood education at Allen and Isidore Newman schools.

Recalls that her grandmother ran the household; her mother was very social.

Recalls that her father took her to the plantation when the river was high and remembers prisoners piling sandbags atop the levee.

Discusses her fluency in French and Spanish. She translated the Favrot papers at the Louisiana State Museum, including a description of the day that Andrew Jackson's statue went up in the Square.

Notes that she was not the usual conforming student. She attended the University of Wisconsin.

Recalls her friendship with Doris Zemurray Stone.

Recalls a solo trip to Europe during the 1930s. She met interesting people and traveled with a professor and his wife. She drove them and became the professor's secretary when he was at the Hague. She came home just before World War II began.

Discusses her realization that being Jewish mattered; she was not invited to carnival balls and other parties.

Discusses her marriage to Richard McCarthy and speaks about their three sons.

Describes their travels after the children grew up and their collection of Pre-Columbian art and artifacts.

Describes a trip to Mexico and speaks briefly of William Spratling and Natalie Scott in Taxco.

Dr. Herbert Rothschild (b. October 16, 1904)
Interviewed by Linda Friedman, October 14, 1997 [Time: 30 minutes]

Dr. Rothschild discusses his life in New Orleans after having come from Columbus, Georgia.
His parents lived into their 90s; father involved in civic work, mother president of temple sisterhood.
Graduated from the University of Georgia (Summa Cum Laude).
Attended Johns Hopkins Medical School--inspired by Edward Park, Chief of Pediatrics.
Received a four-year residency in Pediatrics at the Harriet Lane Home at Johns Hopkins.
Wrote two papers:

  • "Role of sensitivity to Tuberculin in the treatment of Tuberculosis" and
  • "Value of rectal sedation in children"
Family life--wife, children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.
Short army career.
Health habits and longevity.
Early medical experiences:
  • Pediatric Department at LSU Medical School
  • Private practice of Pediatrics
  • Taught full-time at LSU
  • President of Louisiana State Pediatric Society
  • Chief of Pediatrics at Touro Infirmary
  • Honorary staff at five leading hospitals in New Orleans
Chairman of Community Services for AARP and Agenda for Children.
Leisure activities, including extensive travelling.
Hospital experiences.
Work with abused children.
Other doctors in the Rothschild Pediatric Group.
Famous people he has met.
Other papers on health subjects.

Leonie Rothschild (b. 1912)
Interviewed by Linda Friedman, March 4, 1998

Leonie Rothschild discusses her childhood growing up in New Orleans, including here early education at Isidore Newman School. She continued her education at Necomb College and Columbia University (during the Depression). While at Columbia, in addition to her journalism studies, she also took a music course that she enjoyed very much.

She met her husband Herbert at a party in New Orleans shortly after he moved here. During the early years of their marriage (in the war years) there were many challenges to overcome.

She remembers the 1950s as a very pleasant time with many opportunities to help others in the community. Some of her role models were Edith Stern, General Williams, and Mrs. Barnett, all people active in the community. She was very instrumental in the opera auditions and also the symphony and other organizations.

She and Herbert love to travel and have gone on many trips, including one around the world. One of her favorite hobbies is golf, which she enjoyed for many years. She has been happily married for sixty-three years and has two children, several grandchildren and also great-grandchildren.

Her philosophy in life is to treat others as you would like to be treated and if you have supportive people in your life, you can overcome many obstacles; she has learned a lot about that from her husband.

Carolyn Louise Goldsby Kolb (b. 1942)
Interviewed by Dorothy Schlesinger, May & June, 1999

Born in New Orleans (Baptist Hospital), daughter of Ethel Louise McQueen of New Orleans and Joseph Goldsby of Amite, Louisiana.

Discusses her family history (Goldsby, Lehr, McQueen, Marquar, Sanders, Powers).

Memories of Pinky Vidacovich and the Dawn Busters radio program, growing up in Bogalusa, swimming at former Governor Leche's pool in Lacombe, and high school days.

Memories of Newcomb College, the Hogan Jazz Archive at Tulane University, the Bourbon House in the French Quarter, visiting the University of Mississippi on the day after William Faulkner's death. Also sailing at the yacht club, school desegregation crisis, civil rights struggle in Bogalusa, Tulane students involved in the Bay of Pigs invasion. Work at WDSU-TV (and later involvement in getting their film archives at the University of New Orleans) and the Times-Picayune, especially Albert Goldstein, Pie Dufour and Mabel Simmons.

Discusses Clay Shaw and Jim Garrison's investigation, the Jazz Museum (Danny Barker, Doc Souchon, Dizzy Gillespie), and the American Civil Liberties Union. Talks of Kendall and Kathy Vick, her own role as state press secretary for George McGovern's presidential campaign in 1972, and other political campaigns with her husband Kenneth. Mentions various advertising and writing assignments, the women's movement in New Orleans, and the real estate business. Discusses her children (Pherabe Elizabeth Hardin Kolb and Kenneth Hugh Carlton Kolb) and their activities, including the Children's Community co-operative nursery school, Newcomb Nursery School, Metairie Park Country Day School, and Cynthia May's music classes.

Reviews her participation in the Directions program at Tulane, the History Department at the University of New Orleans, and the Quarante Club.

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