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Oral History Program

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Person Interviewed Subject(s) of Interview Date of Interview (1) Date of Interview (2) Date of Interview (3) Interviewer(s) Length of Interview (1) Length of Interview (2) Length of Interview (3) Notes/Comments
Wachenheim, Albert, Jr. Autobiography; Imperial Shoe Store 1981/03/13

Dorothy Schlesinger 40 min.

Ends abruptly
Wadsworth, Erminia Autobiography; Newman School

60 min.

Waechter, Mrs. A.J. Visually impaired children; Family Service Society; Elizabeth Porter 1995/09/09

Robert R. Quintana, Jr. 40 min.

Waguespack, Richard Duck Decoy; Duck Hunting 1973/12

Charles Frank 20 min.

Walker, Odette Wehrmann Autobiography; Family; Alciatore Family; New Orleans 1905-- 1981/11/28

Meta Colvin 60 min.

Warren, Mrs. George Ethel Black heritage; Volunteerism 1988/02/27

Matilda McQuarter 60 min.

Waters, Mrs. Arthur C. Garden District Association; Natchitoches; Preservation; Natalie Scott; State and local politics 1976/09/14 1978/06/20 1982/10/06 Dorothy Schlesinger 70 min.
30 min.
Weber, Stella Family Services in the 1930s; Elizabeth Porter; Eva Smill 1995/09/08

Robert R. Quintana, Jr. 40 min.

Weill, Raymond H. Philately 1979/08/01

M. Cohen

Weiss, Mrs. Leon (Caroline) Artists; Literary community; New Orleans 1910--

Dorothy Schlesinger

10 pages, transcribed
Weiss, Viola Family Service Society; Social Services in the 1940s, 1950s; Elizabeth Porter; Eva Smill 1995/09/07

Robert R. Quintana, Jr. 60 min.

Welcker, Beaulah Autobiography; New Orleans Public Schools; World War II, New Orleans; 1927 Flood; Pierce Street 1993/05/31`

Dorothy Mahan 55 min.

Wells, Lise Wehrmann Alciatore family; Family; French Opera House; Music 1980/10/26

Meta Colvin 45 min.

West, Mrs. William Creole lifestyle; 1020 Esplanade Ave. 1975/09/03

Dorothy Schlesinger 50 min.

West, William Autobiography; Neighborhood (Uptown); Richland Plantation; Tulane 1975/03/25

Dorothy Schlesinger

23 pages, transcribed
Westfeldt, Alice Autobiography; Neighborhood (Esplanade Ave.) 1975/08/25

Dorothy Schlesinger 45 min.

Whann, Robert III and Robert IV (Sandy) Leidenheimer Bakery 1991/02/28

Dorothy Mahan 50 min.

White, Marguerite Autobiography; Lykes Brothers; Jazz Musicians Al & Joe Verger; Hagan Street; Old French Opera House; Spanish Fort Train; Lakeview; Dryades Street; Huey Long; 1927 Flood; 1915 Hurricane; Abita Springs; Movie houses; Prohibition 1993/10/29

David White & Dorothy Mahan

White, Ophelia Arceneaux Autobiography; Black heritage; New Orleans 1924--; St. James Parish 1979/07/17

Dorothy Schlesinger 60 min.

Wilds, John Medicine in New Orleans; Newspaper reporting; States-Item 1987/07/17 1987/07/22 1987/08/25 Dorothy Mahan 60 min. 60 min. 60 min.
Wilkerson, Dr. Frank Blacks; Civil Rights; Desegregation 1988/02/28

Linda Adams 90 min.

Joint interview with Dr. Adams
Willems, Casey Bayou potters; Holland; Holland Club of New Orleans; Hotel industry; Marriott Hotel Chain; Travel in Europe 1984/10/29

A. Van Heel

Tape often hard to hear
Willems, Constance Dutch community; Integration; Local events; Femail attorneys 1985/03/30

Anna Maria Van Heel

Willems, Maurice Book Illustrator (On New Orleans Talking); European travey; Kayak sport 1985/08/28

A. Van Heel 45 min.

Williams, Lawrence Dry cleaning business 1976/12/13

Dorothy Schlesinger 20 min.

Not in printed index
Wilson, Dr. Norman Blacks; Education; Southern University at New Orleans 1991/10/01

Bernard Lemann 50 min.

Wilson, Mrs. Gordon (Alice "Tippy") New Orleans social life; L.N. Poole family; Woods (Pops) Whitesell 1980/06/10

Dorothy Schlesinger 180 min.

Wilson, Samuel, Jr. Autobiography; Richard Koch, Preservation; Ursuline Convent history 1980/07/09 1980/07/17
Dorothy Schlesinger 50 min. 60 min.

Wilson, Samuel, Jr. Louisiana State Museum History (partial speech) 1979/12/05

Wirth, Charles, Jr. Business; Grocery, Toledano & Magazine; Local events; Stuyvesant Dock fire 1975/08/26

Dorothy Schlesinger 50 min.

Wirth, Dr. Willard Autobiography; Business; Grocery (Toledano & Magazine) 1975/04/10

J. Kostmayer

21 pages, transcribed
Wisdom, Betty Audubon Park Commission; Audubon Park Zoo; James Chubbock; Mayor Moon Landrieu; Mayor Dutch Morial 1981/07/16

Dorothy Mahan 60 min.

Wisdom, Judge John Minor Autobiography; Fair Trade case; Republicanism; Tulane 1978/10/25

J. Geiser III 60 min.

Wisdom, Mrs. John Minor (Bonnie) French Quarter expressway controversy; Integration; Preservation; Race relations; Republican Party in New Orleans; Judge John Minor Wisdom 1981/06/24

Dorothy Schlesinger 90 min.

Wolf, Mrs. Albert (Caroline Godchaux) Family 1973/03/14

Dorothy Schlesinger 5 min.

Woolfley, Mrs. Francis (Rosalie Dufour) Newcomb 1981/08/03

30 min.

Worms, Bertha Autobiography; 5824 St. Charles Ave. 1975/07/21

Dorothy Schlesinger

14 pages, transcribed
Wright, Noelie Larrieu City Park Board; Dairy business; Larrieu family, Auguste, Mary and Children; Londontown Dairy, City Park 1991/10/24

Dorothy Mahan 50 min.

Wrightson, Mrs. Phyllis Gresham Bush Family; 1909 hurricane; Mardi Gras; Terrebonne Parish 1974/07/31

Lilly McLean

8 pages, transcribed
Young, Beatrice Bayou Goula; Nottoway Plantation 1983/07/01

Maria Landry 10 min.

Zaeringer, Alice Autobiography; Neighborhood (Faugourg St. John); 3216 Grand Route St. John 1979/12/04

Dorothy Schlesinger

Zainey, Leon Autobiography; Ballet; French Quarter; French Market; French Opera fire; Opera company; Lelia Haller; Huey Long; Mardi Gras parades 1996/11/19

Dorothy Schlesinger 120 min.

Zatarain, Charles Audubon Park History; Audubon Park Commission; Sugar Bowl Association 1981/02/13

Adele Salzer

Zuppardo, Mrs. St. Joseph's altar symbolism; Greater New Orleans Italian Cultural Society 1979/03/19

Chris Mall 30 min.

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