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Oral History Program

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Person Interviewed Subject(s) of Interview Date of Interview (1) Date of Interview (2) Date of Interview (3) Interviewer(s) Length of Interview (1) Length of Interview (2) Length of Interview (3) Notes/Comments
Tenney, Lalita (Mrs.) Nursing; Touro Infirmary 1981/04/30

Dorothy Schlesinger 15 min.

Theodore, George (and Joseph M. Jones) Autobiography; Hurricane Betsy; New Roads; Ninth Ward 1974/05/02

P. Rittiner 20 min.

Joint interview
Thomas, Sidonie Scott Autobiography; Literary community 1982/10/25

Dorothy Schlesinger

Thompson, Octavia Rural life (Louisiana and Virginia); Slavery 1980/05/24

Nita Colvin

Toledano, Roulhac History of New Orleans Architecture; Preservation in New Orleans since 1933 1978/01/16

Dorothy Schlesinger 50 min.

Toppino, Florence Autobiography 1984/08/17

Adele Salzer

Town, A. Hays Architecture; Autobiography 1987/04/22

Bernard Lemann 60 min.

Townsend, Sr. Mary Delphine Blacks, New Orleans, 1930s-1940s; Catholicism; Education; Sisters of the Holy Family 1991/09/03 1991/11/07
Mary White 60 min. 70 min.

Treen, Mr. and Mrs. J. Paul Inventions; Motorcycles; Governor David Treen (their son) 1986/03/12

Dorothy Schlesinger

Tricou, Viola P. Autobiography; New Orleans 1900-- 1980/02/25

Dorothy Schlesinger 30 min.

Trietler, Herbert (father) and Dennis (son) Duck calls 1974/05

Charles Frank 30 min.

Trim, Katie Mae Autobiography 1981/01/19

Blake Touchstone

Tape is very hard to understand
Trivigno, Pat Art; Autobiography; Newcomb Art School 1989/01/26

Bernard Lemann 110 min.

Tupper, Mrs. Mary Autobiography; St. Anna's 1977/06/15

L. Krotzer 30 min.

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