Friends of the Cabildo
Oral History Program

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Person Interviewed Subject(s) of Interview Date of Interview (1) Date of Interview (2) Date of Interview (3) Interviewer(s) Length of Interview (1) Length of Interview (2) Length of Interview (3) Notes/Comments
Sabadie, Mrs. Alfonso (nee Burke) Autobiography; Depression; Xavier University 1978/05/03

Dorothy Schlesinger 30 min.

Sachse, Janice (Mrs. Victor) Art; Autobiography; Family 1982/03/01

Dorothy Schlesinger 50 min.

Samuel, J. Raymond Autobiography; Real estate development (New Orleans) 1981/05/26

Dorothy Schlesinger 45 min.

Samuel, Mrs. Stella (and Plonsky, Mrs. Maud Bergman and Mrs. Stella Bergman Samuel) Autobiography; New Orleans 1900; Washington Parish 1975/02/04

Dorothy Schlesinger 30 min.

Joint interview
Sanchez, Lorraine (Mrs. William) Creole lifestyle; Neighborhood (Faubourg St. John) 1983/03/23

Dorothy Mahan

Sarpy, Leon Autobiography; Legal cases; New Orleans 1900s; 5411 St. Charles Avenue 1985/07/09

Dorothy Schlesinger

Saussaye, Herbert Neighborhood (French Quarter) 1981/06/04

Meta Colvin 45 min.

Savoie, Charles Belle Rose, Louisiana; Sugar industry 1979/04/09

B. Howard

Schaefer, Coralie Harmony Club; Dr. Suzanne Schaefer; Tulane Public Relations Office; Uptown lifestyle 1986/11/04

Dorothy Schlesinger

Scheuermann, Milton G., Jr. (and Thais St. Julien) Music; Musica de Camera; Woodvine Recorder Consort 1988/07/18

40 min.

Joint interview
Schillin, Nellie (Mollie?) Autobiograph; Dan Schillin; Stanton Plantation 1974/10/04

20 min.

Schlesinger, A.L. Community Concerts--Background, history, outstanding artists 1996/09/16

20 min.

Schlesinger, Dorothy Friends of Cabildo Oral History Project 1998/08/22

Self-interview 30 min.

Poor audio
Schmidt, George Artist; Autobiography; Artistic community; Jazz 1988/02/21 1988/02/22
Bernard Lemann 180 min.

Schneidau, John D. and Katherine R. Autobiogrpahy; 1468 Nashville Ave.; New Orleans events; Tulane professorship; Flood of 1927 1993/04/07

Dorothy Schlesinger 25 min.

Schneidau, John Donaldson Autobiography; Neighborhood (Nashville Ave.); Robert Charles riot; Stuyvesant Dock fire 1977/01/31

Dorothy Schlesinger 120 min.

Not in printed index
Schneider, Frank Autobiography; Neiborhood (Faubourg Marigny, City Park); Times Picayune ("Second Cup") 1979/03/07

Dorothy Schlesinger 60 min.

Schneider, M.P., III Brickmaking; St. Joe Brickworks; North Covington 1981/06/07

Dorothy Schlesinger 60 min.

Schoen, Garic Autobiography; Schoen Funceral Home business; City Park Board; Magnolia Bride; Neighborhood (Old Southern Park/Bayou St. John) 1991/07/03

Dorothy Mahan 60 min.

Tape ends abruptly
Schwarz, Roy Autobiography; Baseball; New Orleans Item 1977/03/26

Dorothy Schlesinger 75 min.

Schwegmann, John Autobiography; Schwegmann Grocery Stores 1975/08/12

Dorothy Schlesinger

22 pages, transcribed
Sciortino, Anthony Ned Autobiography; New Orleans 1915-- 1981/11/02

Nita Colvin 80 min.

Scoggins, Mrs. William (Corinne Hopkins) Creole lifestyle; Neighborhood (Esplanade Ave.)

Dorothy Schlesinger 75 min.

Seago, Dorothy Autobiography; Jones genealogy; Newcomb/Tulane

A. Salzer

Sebastian, Charles Charter fishing; Grand Isle; Offshore drilling 1978/07/29

30 min.

Sebastian, Jan (Mrs. Charles) Grand Isle; Grand Isle Women's Club; Grand Isle Gazette; Hurricanes 1978

30 min.

Seidenbach, Mrs. Louise Autobiography; Family; 6153 St. Charles Ave. 1978/08/09

Dorothy Schlesinger 30 min.

Seiferth, Solis Architecture; State Buildings; Vieux Carre Commission

Dorothy Schlesinger 40 min.

Sensat, Lloyd Autobiography; Education (Preservation Through Education Program); St. Charles Parish 1992/09/19

Dorothy Mahan 45 min.

Not in printed index
Sharp, Mrs. Roger New Orleans; Public Education 1978/02/14

Dorothy Schlesinger 35 min.

Sharpe, Alvin Autobiography; Mardi Gras doubloons 1977/03/07

A. Salzer 60 min.

Shaw, Mrs. [?] New Orleans 1975

L.W. McLean 30 min.

Simpson, Mrs. Sidney German Protestant Asylum 1975/09/13

Dorothy Schlesinger 25 min.

Sinnott, James Autobiography; Fair Grounds; 5411 St. Charles Ave. 1985/07/18

Dorothy Schlesinger

Sizeler, Helen Autobiography; Jewish Childrens' Home; Nursing 1982/08/18

Dorothy Schlesinger 15 min.

Smith, Lillian H. Jewish Childrens' Home 1982/07/30

Dorothy Schlesinger 25 min.

Songe, Lloyd Tootsie (and Lapeyrousse) Duck decoy carving; Lapeyrousse Store

Charles Frank 15 min.

Joint interview; summary card filed under Lapeyrousse
Spencer, Philip Autobiography; Ducros Plantation; Ham radio 1987/11/18

Dorothy Schlesinger

Spongia, Anthony Duck hunting; Game trapping 1976/02

Charles Frank

Sporl, Mark III Autobiography; New Orleans, late 1940s-1950s 1991/06/17

45 min.

St. Julien, Thais (and Milton G. Scheuermann, Jr.) Music; Musica de Camera; Woodvine Recorder Consort 1988/07/18

Bernard Lemann 40 min.

Joint interview
Stern, Henry Antiques business 1989/05/24

Dorothy Mahan 60 min.

Stern, Mrs. Ferdi Autobiography; Family; Neighborhood (Garden District) 1975/01/21

Dorothy Schlesinger

Stewart, Jack (John Wesley, Jr.) Autobiography; Preservation; Jazz; Streetcar renovation battle; Saenger and Orpheum Theatres 1994/05/19

Bernard Lemann 90 min.

Not in printed index
Stich, Margery VIGOR; Volunteerism 1981/12/02

Dorothy Mahan 105 min.

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