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Oral History Program

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Person Interviewed Subject(s) of Interview Date of Interview (1) Date of Interview (2) Date of Interview (3) Interviewer(s) Length of Interview (1) Length of Interview (2) Length of Interview (3) Notes/Comments
Rachal, Anthony and Dr. William Adams Blacks; Civil Rights; Desegregation 1988/02/28

Linda Adams 90 min.

Joint interview
Rack, Elizabeth League of Women Voters; New Orleans Public Schools 1987/06/10

Dorothy Mahan 50 min.

Railey, Mary Kingsley House; Early New Orleans 1978/12/07

L. Krotzer 15 min.

Ramos, Mrs. Robert (Frieda Beier) Autobiography; Family; New Orleans 1900

A. Salzer (?) 30 min.

Read, Peggy Roemer City Park; Civic activities; Family; Newcomb 1986/03/10

Adele Salzer 45 min.

Redmond, Bruns Destrahan Plantation; Family; Joseph Hernandez; St. Charles Ave. homes 1983/05/20

Dorothy Schlesinger 50 min.

Reed, Louadrian (Mrs. Langston) Desegregation; Louisiana League for Good Government; Women's Movement 1988/02/27

Dorothy Mahan 45 min.

Reese, Mildred Lyons Autobiography; New Orleans Public Schools 1987/02/17

Hilda McQuarter

Reeves, Jean and Dick Neighborhood (Faubourg St. John) 1987/06/12

Dorothy Mahan

Reeves, Mary Belle Autobiography 1974/08/06

L. McLean 30 min.

Reinecke, Denise (and Ann Oliver) Autobiography; Neighborhood (Faubourg St. John) 1987/03/05

Dorothy Mahan 60 min.

Joint interview
Reinecke, Dr. George Creoles; Family; Faubourg St. John; Lifestyles 1987/02/22 1987/02/27 1992/03/09 Dorothy Mahan 90 min.
60 min. Second interview - very poor sound halfway through side 1 and all of side 2
Reinicke, Charles Commercial art; Artists; New Orleans Art League 1981/03/17

Dorothy Schlesinger 90 min.

Reiss, Alice Carnival (business) 1975/01/14

50 min.

Reynick, Rita (Mrs. Henry Fish) City of Carrollton; Hoeyville Plantation; Hotel (Carrollton & St. Charles); Le Petit Salon; Opera 1972/09/12

Dorothy Schlesinger

8 pages transcribed
Richardson, Elinor Bright Carnival

25 min.

Richardson, Rev. William P., Jr. Gay community; Integration; St. George's Episcopal Church; Stained glass 1990/02/18

Dorothy Mahan 60 min.

Riess, Jane Newcomb 1986/03/10

20 min.

Bad audio
Robert, Edward B. Rural Louisiana; LSU College of Education 1982/06/05

Sandy Robert 80 min.

Robert, Noah Burnside, Louisiana; Environment; Industrial Tank Corp.; Louisiana State Supreme Court; IT Decision; Preservation 1992/08/31

Dorothy Mahan 60 min.

Robert, Theresa (Mrs. Al) Burnside, Louisiana; Environment; Steve Irving, attorney; Louisiana State Supreme Court; IT Decision; R. Gray Sexton, State Ethics Commissioner; Dr. Paul Templet, Secretary, DEQ 1992/09/08

Dorothy Mahan 60 min.

Robinson, Martha Autobiography; French Quarter; Vieux Carre Commission; Natalie Scott; Word War I 1972/06/29 1972/08/06
Dorothy Schlesinger 90 min.

Robinson, Martha League of Women Voters; New Orleans politics; John Hall Jacobs and New Orleans Public Library 1977/02/14

Dorothy Schlesinger 30 min.

Robinson, Martha (and Marie de Verges) Autobiography; Historic preservation 1974/06/22

Dorothy Schlesinger 60 min.

Joint interview
Robinson, Martha (with Dr. Isabel French and Marie De Verges) Genealogy of De Verges family; History St. James, St. John, Ascension parishes 1976/09/19

60 min.

Joint interview
Roger, Rita Family 1978/06/13

Dorothy Schlesinger 60 min.

Rosen, Erma Stich (Mrs. Warren) Family; New Orleans 1900s 1977/05/24

Dorothy Schlesinger 50 min.

Rosenthal, Rubye Autobiography; Dr. Matas; New Orleans 1900s 1989/03/29

Dorothy Schlesinger 45 min.

Roth, Louis B. Belle Helene Plantation lifestyles; Sugar processing 1988/11/07

Gaynell Moore 40 min.

Rothchild, Dr. Herbert Autobiography; Medicine in New Orleans 1997/10/14

Linda Friedman 30 min.

Not in printed index
Rothchild, Leonie Autobiography 1998/03/04

Linda Friedman

Not in printed index
Rottman, Alfred S. Streetcar conductor; Experiences/Career 1988/05/17

Robert Monroe 25 min.

Rousseau, John Black society; Dance clubs; Postal worker 1987/02/18

60 min.

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