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Oral History Program

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Person Interviewed Subject(s) of Interview Date of Interview (1) Date of Interview (2) Date of Interview (3) Interviewer(s) Length of Interview (1) Length of Interview (2) Length of Interview (3) Notes/Comments
Paine, Ella Newcomb College; Redeptorist Seminary; St. Tammany Parish 1986/01/29

Adele Salzer 50 min.

Panzeri, Louis Autobiography; Music teaching 1979/08/12 1979/08/19 1969/08/26 Meda Colvin 240 min.

Pape, Adam Duck hunting; Prohibition 1976/03/06

Charles Frank 25 min.

Parker, Anita (Mrs. Walter) Erlanger family; Literature (Plagiarism of Anthony Adverse in Life on Two Continents) 1990/04/11

dorothy Mahan; Avis Ogilvy; Mary White 60 min.

Parker, John M., Jr. Flood of 1927; Louisiana politics; Governor John M. Parker 1976/11/13

W.B. Carlin

22 pages, transcribed
Pelegrin, Arthur and Lefort Pershing Duck decoy carver 1980/08/23

C. Frank 20 min.

Joint interview
Pershing, Lefort and Arthur Pelegrin Duck decoy carving 1980/08/23

C. Frank 20 min.

Joint interview
Pertuit, Tatie Duck decoy carving; Duck hunting 1973/12

Charles Frank 20 min.

Peters, Olga Art; Ballet; Newcomb College 1982/09/23

55 min.

Pierall, Captain Sebe Steamboating; River transportation; Traffic

Poor sound quality
Pitkin, Waldo Autobiography; Helen Pitkin Schertz; Le Petit Theatre; Neighborhood (Esplanade Ave.) 1977/08/10

Adele Salzer 40 min.

Pitot, Henry Autobiography; 919 Esplanade Ave.; French Community; James Pitot 1975/08/27

Dorothy Schlesinger

17 pages, transcribed
Plonsky, Mrs. Maud Bergman and Mrs. Stella Bergman Samuel Autobiography; Washington Parish; New Orleans 1900-- 1975/02/04

Dorothy Schlesinger 30 min.

Joint interview
Polack, Robert Autobiography; Law; Neighborhood (Old Metairie); Judge John Minor Widsom 1977/04

L. McLean 50 min.

Porter, Dr. Harold T. Orleans Parish School Board; School desegregation 1974/04/08

Patricia Witner 40 min.

Pratt, Mrs. John Family; Franklin Hospital; Dr. Charles Luzenberg 1978/03/15

Dorothy Schlesinger 30 min.

Pregeant family (Clara P. Kotch; Irma P. Albert and Grace P. Schultz) Clara's 86th birthday; Childhood songs; Memories of orphanage life at St. Theresa's, St. Vincent's and St. Joseph's 1987/08

Self-interview 20 min.

Family tape donated to FOC collection
Queens of Comus Three generations of queens: Mrs. William Burke, Miss Larroussine, Miss Burke; Mardi Gras 1980/09/13

Adele Salzer 30 min.

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