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Oral History Program

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Person Interviewed Subject(s) of Interview Date of Interview (1) Date of Interview (2) Date of Interview (3) Interviewer(s) Length of Interview (1) Length of Interview (2) Length of Interview (3) Notes/Comments
Nelson, Mrs. Alma Treme; St. John the Baptist Parish 1976/04/27

Dorothy Schlesinger 60 min.

Nelson, Mrs. B. Stanley Charles Woodward Hutson; Fellman Tract; Neighborhood (Uptown) 1975/02/27

A. Salzer

16 pages, transcribed
Neuwirth, Flo Geismar Geismar; Family life 1920s; 1927 flood 1983/02/08

Dorothy Schlesinger 110 min.

Newcomb Class of 1940 Madeline Kennedy; Martha Murphy; Betty Rordom 1986/02/28

Adele R. Salzer 30 min.

Newman, Harold, Jr. Uptown New Orleans 1987/06/30

Dorothy Schlesinger 50 min.

Nott, William G. Literary community; Newspaper reporting; Times-Picayune 1976/02/10

Dorothy Schlesinger 20 min.

O'Brien, Eileen Music; Organ playing 1980/02/13

Nita Caldwell 60 min.

Side 2 - bad audio
O'Brien, Lalise M. Autobiography; Family; Newcomb College 1986/01/24

45 min.

O'Keefe, Mrs. A.J., Jr. (Eleonora) Autobiography; Houses: 459 Jackson Ave. and 1123 St. Philip; Irish Channel; Social life; St. Mary's Assumption Church 1992/02/13

Dorothy Mahan; Blanche Comiskey 60 min.

O'Kelley, J. Phares Autobiography 1985/07/31

Dorothy Schlesinger

Oertling, Lillian Autobiography; Lawrence Fabacher; Neighborhood (Upper St. Charles) 1982/07/14

Dorothy Schlesinger 30 min.

Olivier, Ann and Denise Reinicke Autobiography; Neighborhood (Faubourg St. John) 1987/03/05

Dorothy Mahan 60 min.

Joint interview; tape ends in mid-sentence
Olivier, Vic, Claire and Anne and Adrienne Kindlesberger Faubourg St. John; Creoles; "Uptown-Downtown" attitudes 1987/02/18

Dorothy Mahan 60 min.

Joint interview
Owsley, Henry F. Insurance business 1977/08/28

Dorothy Schlesinger 50 min.

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