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Person Interviewed Subject(s) of Interview Date of Interview (1) Date of Interview (2) Date of Interview (3) Interviewer(s) Length of Interview (1) Length of Interview (2) Length of Interview (3) Notes/Comments
Mabile, O'Neil Duck hunting; Hunting stories 1974

Charles Frank

Mallitz, Mrs. Rosa Neighborhood (Upper St. Charles); New Orleans 1920 1979/03/06

Dorothy Schlesinger 20 min.

Mann, Leon S. Autobiography; Neighborhood (Upper St. Charles); New Orleans 1920 1982/04/04

Dorothy Schlesinger 75 min.

Manning, Lura L. Autobiography; Blacks; Family 1983/08/13

Bernard Lemann 40 min.

Marks, Leone Simon (Mrs. Jack) Leon C. Simon 1979/11/30

Dorothy Schlesinger 25 min.

Marmillion, Norman Laura Plantation; Vacherie; Creole lifestyles on River Road; Historic preservation business; Waguespack family; Laura Locoul; Guillaume DuParc 1993/09/09

Dorothy Mahan 80 min.

Marsalis, Ellis Desegregation; Jazz; Wynton Marsalis; New Orleans Center for Creative Arts 1983/08/09

Dorothy Mahan; Dr. Tom Tews 60 min.

Tape ends on side 2 in mid-sentence and concludes interview
Martin, Abraham Music; New Orleans musicians; Robert Charles riot 1974/08/02

20 min.

Martinez, Sr. Marie Louise Founders Alumni of Society of Sisters of the Sacred Heart; Autobiography; New Orleans 1920s-1930s; Public and Catholic education 1920s; Wegmann family; Race relations; Feminism in religious orders; Academy of Sacred Heart; Lee Circle & St. Charles * 1993/05/12 1993/06/06
Dorothy Mahan 120 min. 60 min.
*streetcar; Mercadel Dance School; Canal Street; Female race relations; St. Simian's School Delphians; Feminism
Mason, Dr. Walter Duck calls; Environment; Hunting 1973/12

Charles Frank 20 min.

Restricted use
Mathern, Sidney Hunting; Nutria industry; UFOs 1973

10 min.

Mayer, Mrs. Otto (Elise Newman) Neighborhood (Middle St. Charles); Henry Newman 1972/09/02

Dorothy Schlesinger 10 min.

Maylie, William Abbatoires (Arabi); Irish Channel; Maylie's Restaurant; New Orleans markets 1988/07/26

Dorothy Schlesinger 60 min.

McCarthy, Justine Godchaux Autobiography; Jewish social life; Travels in Europe and Mexico 1998/04/06

Dorothy Schlesinger 45 min.

Not in printed index
McCrossen, William Autobiography; New Orleans Fire Department 1994/07/21

Dorothy Schlesinger

Not in printed index
McFetridge, Katherine Autobiography; McGehee School; St. Charles Ave. (Middle) 1985/03/05

Dorothy Schlesinger 45 min.

McLean, Dr. Lee Davidson Autobiography; the Depression; French Quarter 1974/03/19

L.W. McLean 100 min.

McLean, Lilly Weeks (Mrs. Lee) Autobiography; New Iberia, Louisiana; Shadows-on-the-Teche 1978/02/06

Dorothy Schlesinger 70 min.

McLoughlin, Frank Autobiography; 1927 flood; Jacques Lafaience; Neighborhood (Uptown) 1974/04/03

Dorothy Schlesinger

13 pages, transcribed
Meyer, J. Ben German community; Mississippi River traffic; Leander Perez; Plaquemines Parish history and politics 1974/04/22

P. Rittiner 50 min.

Meyers, Mrs. Mae Miller Autobiography; Dryades Street businesses; 1918 flu; Storyville 1978/07/26

Dorothy Schlesinger 60 min.

Meynier, Charles Barber shop harmony; City of Carrollton; Carrollton Courthouse; Huey Long; Neighborhood (Maple Street business); Preservation (Carrollton) 1987/06/20

Bernard Lemann 60 min.

Middleton, Sayde & William 3108-3110 Grand Route St. John; Faubourg St. John; Lifestyles 1991/02/25

Dorothy Mahan 60 min.

Mims, Ever Johnson Autobiography; Louisiana rural life 1978/12/27

Meta Colvin 60 min.

Modianos, Doan D. Autobiography; Baldwin Wood; French Quarter, early 1900s; Land drainage and flood control 1983/07/30

Bernard Lemann 75 min.

Molaison, Jackson Lee 1979/05/01 1979/05/10

John Geiser III 80 min.

Morial, Mrs. Ernest (Sybil) Black community; Integration; Racial discrimination 1987/02/28

Louadrian Reed 60 min.

Morrill, John Flood of 1915; John Waldo Hillman; New Orleans 1900--; New Orleans Sewerage & Water Board 1983/08/10 1985/08/10
Dorothy Schlesinger 20 min. 30 min.

Morris, Mrs. Aphra V. Creoles; Ethnic separation 1976/09/10

Dorothy Schlesinger 50 min.

Morrison, David Duck decoys; Hunting 1976/01/22

Morrison, Mrs. Jacob H. Neighborhood (French Quarter); Vieux Carre preservation 1977/07/02

J. Geiser III 50 min.

Mosley, Daniel (Moseley?) Autobiography; French Quarter; Godchaux family; Dr. Brobson Lutz; Mayor of Dumaine Street; Tennessee Williams House; Uptown 1991/10/08

Ruth Summitt 50 min.

Muller, Al, Jr. Duck decoy carvers in Louisiana 1980/10

C. Frank

Mundy, Mrs. Cora Williams Autobiography; Natchitoches 1975/03/13

Dorothy Schlesinger 60 min.

(See also Martha Robinson interview)
Munson, Mrs. Edward Autobiography; 1927 flood; Glenwood Plantation; Napoleonville; Sugar industry 1975 (?)

S. Evans 45 min.

Murison, Peg and Ann Dlugos Desegregation; New Orleans Public Schools 1982/05/01

Dorothy Mahan 60 min.

Joint interview; For summary card, see Dlugos

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