Friends of the Cabildo
Oral History Program

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Person Interviewed Subject(s) of Interview Date of Interview (1) Date of Interview (2) Date of Interview (3) Interviewer(s) Length of Interview (1) Length of Interview (2) Length of Interview (3) Notes/Comments
Kahn, Charles Autobiography; Harmony Club; Jewish lifestyle 1982/05/10

Dorothy Schlesinger

Kahn, Rose Walter Cowan; Female journalists; Allan Katz; New Orleans Item (newspaper) 1981/07/10

Dorothy Schlesinger 30 min.

Kane, Harnett Autobiography; Friends of the Cabildo

20 min.

Side one of this tape is presumably lost
Kaplan, Brian Kaplan family; Kaplan, Louisiana; Rice mill processing 1989/08/02

Dorothy Mahan 60 min.

Kasteel, Frans (Chaplain) Dutch community; Jesuit High School; Mardi Gras; Race relations 1984/03/03-04

Annemarie Van Heel 40 min.

Kaufman, Harry S. Civil War stories; Huey Long; New Orleans 1920-1940 1974/07/29

Dorothy Schlesinger

18 pages, transcribed
Kearney, E.N., Jr. Autobiography; New Orleans (infrastructure) 1998/04/30

Dorothy Schlesinger 50 min.

Keller, Rosa Freeman Civic activities; Civil rights; Integration; League of Women Voters; New Orleans; Race relations; Politics 1977/07/05-07 1981/07/30
Dorothy Schlesinger; Dorothy Mahan 150 min. 45 min.
64 pages, transcribed
Kelso, Iris Autobiography; Female journalists; Newspaper reporting; Political reporting 1982/08/18

Dorothy Mahan 50 min.

Kemp, Mary Levy Levy family 1978/07/18

Dorothy Schlesinger 40 min.

Kessels, Piet A. Catholic architecture; St. Louis Cathedral 1988/01/25 1988/02/01
Robert Monroe 60 min.

Kittay, Fanny Dennery Dennery family; Social life; Waldhorn family 1983/11/12

Kittredge, Dr. Willoughby Papa Celestin; New Orleans musicians; Fats Pichon 1975

S. Evans 50 min.

Knoepfler, Nestor Cotton research; USDA-Lakefront 1979/07/17

A. Salzer

Kohler, LeRoy Louisiana ecologic deterioration 1980/03

Charles Frank 30 min.

Tape is difficult to understand
Kohlmaier, Ruppert, Sr. Autobiography; Furniture making; Woodworking 1988/03/12

Dorothy Schlesinger 60 min.

Kohlmeyer, Ida Art; Autobiography; Newcomb College; Rittenberg family 1986/04/30

A. R. Salzer 35 min.

Kolb, Carolyn Louise Goldsby Autobiography; Family; Newcomb College; Journalist; Louisiana politics 1999/05-06

Dorothy Schlesinger

Not in printed index
Kostmayer, Hiram, M.D. Medical education 1900 1976/02

Self-interview 8 min.

Kotch, Clara Pregeant Autobiography; New Orleans early 1900s; New Orleans orphanages; St. Vincent's; St. Alphonse's; St. Mary's Boy's Home; New Orleans Female Orphan Asylum; St. Theresa's School; Neighborhood, 1122 Robin St., Coliseum Square; Flu epidemic; 1915 hurricane 1993/07/22

50 min.

Kraemer, Jacob Duck carving 1974

Charles Frank

Kreh, Blanche Jewish life; Neighborhood (Uptown); Temple Sinai 1979/03/06

Dorothy Schlesinger

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