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Oral History Program

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Person Interviewed Subject(s) of Interview Date of Interview (1) Date of Interview (2) Date of Interview (3) Interviewer(s) Length of Interview (1) Length of Interview (2) Length of Interview (3) Notes/Comments
Hamlin, Chief Justice Walter B. State Supreme Court; Le Petit Theatre; New Orleans 1920s 1978/06/06

20 min.

Harbeson, Frank Duck decoys

Charles Frank 25 min.

Harris, Mrs. Edwin (Mildred Stehle) Seven Oaks Plantation (Westwego) 1977/06/18

Mrs. L. Haspel 25 min.

Hartman, Marie Delphenians; New Orleans 1920s; Women's clubs 1985/04/12

Adele Salzer 60 min.

Hasam, Florence Dancing; Family; Garden District 1976/09/22 1976/09/23
L. Clarkson 25 min.

Haspel, Florence Family; New Orleans social life 1900--; Tulane 1976/04/10

M. Haspel 15 min.

Tape ends abruptly
Haspel, Leo Autobiography; Haspel Brothers industry; New Orleans prostitution 1981/04/22

Dorothy Schlesinger 25 min.

Hebert, "Peke" and Curt Fabre Duck decoy carvers 1980/10/05

Charles Frank

Joint interview
Henry, Sam Autobiography; the Depression; General Services Administration; Illinois Club; Studs & Epicurian Clubs; Judge John Minor Wisdom 1995/09/19

Vaughn Fitzpatrick 90 min.

Herget, George Autobiography; George Herget Used Books; Magazine Street Business Association 1991/06/26

Dorothy Mahan 60 min.

Middle of side B is faulty
Hero, Numa C. Drainage; Family; Jefferson Plaquemines Drainage District 1979/07/31

Dorothy Schlesinger 45 min.

Heyn, Prof. Anton Dutch community; Biochemistry; UNO 1984/03/30

Anna Von Hale 30 min.

Hill, Veronica Autobiography; Catholic Church; A.L. Davis; Desegregation; Family; Chep Morrison; Original Illinois Club; Teaching career 1995/05/08

Vaughan Fitzpatrick 90 min.

Hiller, Mrs. Roy (Mina Newburger) Autobiography; Harmony Club; New Orleans Jewish life 1900-- 1981/04/16

Dorothy Schlesinger 60 min.

Hirsch, Leo Radio; Temple Sinai; Television 1974/08/15

Dorothy Schlesinger

20 pages, transcribed
Hite, Sarah Black lifestyles; Westfield sugar plantation 1992/03/11

Dorothy Mahan; B. Comiskey 45 min.

Sometimes difficult to understand; repetitious on Side B.
Hollander, Faye McDonogh statue; New Orleans 1900-- 1985/01/14

Bernard Lemann 60 min.

Hornikel, Fannie C. Autobiography; Carnival; Canal Street shopping; Jewish Children's Home; Dr. Rudolph Matas; Nicaragua 1989/04/27

Dorothy Schlesinger 30 min.

Hoskins, Mrs. Richard Family; James P. Freret; Metairie 1900-- 1975/01/09

Dorothy Schlesinger 25 min.

Hottinger, Mrs. Samuel E., Jr. Family Services of Greater New Orleans; Elizabeth Porter; Eva Smill; Tulane School of Social Work 1995/09/06

Robert R. Quintana, Jr. 90 min.

Hubbard, Eugenia Armant Black heritage; Family; Pralines 1977/03/02

Dorothy Schlesinger 30 min.

Hubble, Sidney Autobiography; Barbering; Labadieville; Magazine Street; Sugar cane farming 1980/12/12

Blake Touchstone 60 min.

Huber, Leonard Literary profession; New Orleans history; New Orleans historians 1975

Dorothy Schlesinger

27 pages; transcribed
Hyman, Harris, Jr. Civil War; Family; Sol Hyman; Newman Family 1975/11/10

Dorothy Schlesinger 25 min.

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