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Oral History Program

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Person Interviewed Subject(s) of Interview Date of Interview (1) Date of Interview (2) Date of Interview (3) Interviewer(s) Length of Interview (1) Length of Interview (2) Length of Interview (3) Notes/Comments
Gage, Mrs. I. Mims (Jane Pharr) Dr. Mims Gage; Dr. Rudolph Matas; New Iberia; Pharr genealogy 1976/02/02

L. McLean 100 min.

Gagnard, Frank Arts, New Orleans; New Orleans social styles; The Times-Picayune 1991/01/12

Dorothy Mahan 100 min.

Gandolfo, Henri French Quarter; Creole lifestyles; Neighborhood (St. Claude Ave.) 1987/04/30

Dorothy Schlesinger

30 pages, transcribed
Garay, Raymond Offshore oil riggers; Oilfield workers 1987/01/13

45 min.

Gardner, Dorothy (Mrs. Philip) Art; Commercial art; Painters; Printmaking 1982/10/20

Dorothy Schlesinger 90 min.

Geiser, John III Decorative painting and techniques; New Orleans literary community; Louisiana Landmarks Society 1987/05/27

Bernard Lemann 60 min.

Interview ends in mid-sentence
Genre, Emma D. (Mrs. F.J.) Drawing Room Players; French Quarter Art Colony; the Abraham Goldbergs; Little Theater, 75th Anniversary; New Orleans Drama League of America; Harold Newman, Jr.; Mrs. Oscar Nixon Playhouse 1919; Pontalba Buildings; Theatre 1991/11/20

Dorothy Mahan 25 min.

Three-person interview with Fowler, Deutsch & Genre
Ghirardi, Leonce Paul Autobiography; Gallier Hall; Mahalia Jackson; Morgan City, Louisiana; Frank B. Mathew Co.; Ormond Plantation; St. Louis Cathedral 1996/07/17

Dorothy Schlesinger 50 min.

Gilbert, Maurice Robert Charles riot; Storyville; Washington Artillery 1976

25 min.

Gillis, James Louisiana Governors (Davis, McKeithen, Edwards); Louisiana politics; Louisiana Superdome; New Orleans politics; New Orleans Public Schools; Times-Picayune (reporter) 1987/03/25

Dorothy Mahan 80 min.

Glynn, Mrs. Louise (Sireix) Carnival; the Depression; Family; French Quarter customs; Orphanages 1978/12/09

M. Colvin 45 min.

Godchaux, Leon, Sr. Garden District; Harmony Club; Retailing; Social life 1978/05/05

Susan Godchaux 20 min.

Godchaux, Mr. and Mrs. Walter, Jr. (Susan) Bagasse uses; Family; 1927 flood; 1926 hurricane; Reserve, Elm Hall, and Raceland Plantations; Plantations, post World War II; Sugar industry 1987/06

Self-interview 45 min.

Tape ends rather abruptly
Godchaux, Mrs. Helene (Mrs. Paul) Autobiography; Civic endeavors; Civil Rights 1974/03/27

Dorothy Schlesinger 50 min.

Goldman, Sam Autobiography; New Orleans 1987- 1976/01/15

L. Levin 50 min.

Goldsmith, Mrs. Gertye Autobiography; New Orleans social life, dancing -- 1930s 1978/12/12

Margaret McCutcheon 30 min.

Goldstein, Albert Roark Bradford; The Double Dealer; French Quarter 1920s, 1930s 1976/03/02

B. Worms

Gooch, Clarice (Mrs. John) Autobiography; French/Creole lifestyles; Galatoire family 1993/03/04

Dorothy Mahan 50 min.

Gooch, Margarette Autobiography; Jesuit Bend; Civil War and early 1900s; West Bank 1985

Self-interview 25 min.

There is an echo of narrator's voice throughout
Goodrow, Fred Depression era; Movies 1978/03/14

Dorothy Schlesinger 40 min.

Goodspeed, Katherine Brown's Velvet Co.; Buggy-making business; Julia Street; Fern Street neighborhood; St. Alphonsus Church 1992/02/20

Dorothy Mahan; Blanche Comiskey 60 min.

Grad, Rosalie Autobiography; Family; Female attorneys; Integration; Landrieu and Morrison administrations 1982/07/07

Dorothy Schlesinger 120 min.

Grant, Julia LeBlanc Autobiography; Desegregation; Original Illinois Social and Pleasure Club 1973/05/07

Dorothy Schlesinger 30 min.

Greco, Rosalie Mother Frances Cabrini 1982/06/11

C. Quail 45 min.

Joint interview with Marguerite Locantro Faucheux
Gregory, Angela Arts; Arts & crafts; Criminal Courts Building; Ellsworth family genealogy; Newcomb; New Orleans artists; Pendelton Shipyard; State Capitol; Sculpture; WPA; World War II; William Woodward 1978/10/31 1984/11/10 1987/04/26 Dorothy Schlesinger; Bernard Lemann 60 min. 180 min.

Guedry, Olga Autobiography; French Quarter lifestyles; 2223 Ursulines Ave.; Neighborhood; Freres Pelanne Foundry; Pirate's Sorority; Depression; Claiborne Ave. shops; 927 Miro House; Mr. Gronjean, author 1993/08/11

60 min.

Gueringer, Henry ("Hank") Duck decoy carving; Duck decoys 1974

Charles Frank 30 min.

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