Friends of the Cabildo
Oral History Program

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Person Interviewed Subject(s) of Interview Date of Interview (1) Date of Interview (2) Date of Interview (3) Interviewer(s) Length of Interview (1) Length of Interview (2) Length of Interview (3) Notes/Comments
Babin, Madeline Archinard ("Madge") Autobiography; Creole lifestyles; French Quarter; Le Petit Salon; Maison Hospitaliere; Neighborhoods (S. Rampart, Esplanade Ave.) 1982/05/10

Christine Derbes 60 min.

Bain, Rudolph Autobiography; Katz & Besthoff; Soda fountain recipes 1976/08/23

Dorothy Schlesinger 30 min.

Baker, Mrs. Gary Gillis Family Services of Greater New Orleans; Junior League; Volunteerism 1995/09/19

Robert R. Quintana, Jr. 40 min.

Baker, Mrs. Robert (Katherine) Coliseum Square; Red Cross; World War I 1979

A. Salzer

Band, Ilonka van der Meulen Dutch community; European attitudes; Holland Club; 1984 World's Exposition 1984/11/13

Anna von Hale 50+ min.

Baquet, Edward ("Eddie") Autobiography; 5th Ward; Business at Eddie's Restaurant 1993/03/18

Dorothy Mahan 90 min.

Tape ends on Side A of second tape in mid-sentence
Barnett, Virginia (Mrs. Walter) Autobiography; 1920s New Orleans; Le Petit Theatre; Temple Sinai 1982/10/02

Dorothy Schlesinger 45 min.

Barnett, Walter City government 1930s; Huey Long; Integration; Jewish Community; Storyville; Yellow Fever 1907 1978/03/25

Dorothy Schlesinger 50 min.

Barney, Clarence Black political organizations; "Key 12"; 1980s black problems; Urban League 1988/02/27

Langston Reed

Batt, Harry, Jr. City Park; Integration; Pontchartrain Beach 1987/07/08

Dorothy Schlesinger 45 min.

Bavly, Ben Pharmaceutical Museum; Pharmaceutical preparations 1978/06/29

J. Pasternack 75 min.

Bear, Mrs. Renee Samuel Anti-German sentiment; Autobiography; B'nai B'rith; Council of Jewish Women; Covington 1910-1929; ERA; French Quarter; Rudolph Matas; I.I. Lemann; Samuel Family Genealogy; Keith Temple; Touro Infirmary; William Oswald; Women's Council for Defense; ** 1975/06/25

Dorothy Schlesinger

Women's Suffrage Movement 5 tapes
Belsom, Jack New Orleans Opera 1990/10/11 1990/10/25
Dorothy Mahan 60 min.

Benerito, Ruth Rogan Newcomb life; Science; UDA 1983/04/10

A. Salzer 30 min.

Bennecke, Frederick W. Bennecke Family genealogy; eureka Homestead; Louisiana Power & Light; Plaquemines Parish 1900; Sugar cane industry 1976/09/02

A. Salzer 45 min.

Benton, Maria Automobile racing 1985/04/03

Anna Maria van Heel

Bergman, Mrs. Adelaide Hubbard Autobiography; Rabbi Leo Bergman; Leonard Bernstein; Musical experience; New Orleans Symphony; Tanglewood; Mike Wallace 1997/02/13

Linda Friedman 60 min.

Berkett, Marian Mayer Hale Boggs; President Kennedy; LSU & Tulane Law Schools; Earl & Huey Long; Cecil Morgan; Chep Morrison; People's League; Women in Law in Louisiana; Elizabeth Werlein 1997/02/26

Dorothy Schlesinger 50 min.

Bernard, Joseph Architecture; Autobiography; LaBranche family; Neighborhoods, Esplanade Ave.; Plantation life (St. Charles Parish); Social life 1900s 1979/10/31

Dorothy Schlesinger 85 min.

Some background noise
Besthoff, R. Frank (Mrs. Sidney J.) Autobiography; Newcomb College; Uptown 1990/01/30

Dorothy Schlesinger 45 min.

Betz, Amelda (Seymour Calway) Autobiography; Black life; Domestic work 1984/11/26

Dorothy Schlesinger 165 min.

Bezou, Sidney Creole lifestyle; Neighborhood (Treme) changes 1905-1920 1982/09/23

Dorothy Schlesinger 85 min.

Bickford, Gloria B. Autobiography; Depression; French-Italian lifestyles (1920-1930); Neighborhood (931 Elysian Fields); World War II 1989/07/11

Beatrice Owsley 60 min.

Sound quality somewhat poor
Bisso, Louis Ferries; Neighborhoods; New Orleans Planning Commission; Zoning 1983/09/22

Bernard Lemann 60 min.

Tape ends abruptly
Bland, Louise Faulk Newcomb College Pottery; New Orleans, 1900s 1982/04/22

Florence Quail 60 min.

Blum, Beulah Autobiography; Donaldsonville 1900; Latter & Blum; Social life 1900s

Bernard Lemann

Blum, Mr. & Mrs. Stanford, Sr. (Clare Lopez) New Orleans, early 1900s 1973/05/26

Dorothy Schlesinger 60 min.

Blum, Mrs. Edwin H. (Lucille) Cultural Commission; Flood of 1914; Louisiana Council for Music and Performing Arts; St. Charles Ave. (Upper); Travel 1910s 1977/08/22

Dorothy Schlesinger 70 min.

Blum, Mrs. Louis (Caroline Steinhart) Autobiography; 5807 St. Charles 1972/09/26

Dorothy Schlesinger 20 min.

Boggs, Mrs. Corinne "Lindy" C. Newcomb College; New Orleans politics; Pointe Coupee Parish; French Quarter preservation 1978/07/06

M. Dennery 40 min.

Bolding, Alexander Autobiography; Plantation laborer; Schooling; Segregation 1977/02/09

Dorothy Schlesinger 75 min.

Boll, Bastiaan Dutch community; Port of New Orleans 1985/07/19

Anna Marie van Heel 45 min.

Booker, Mrs. Evelyn Autobiography; Farming; New Orleans 1920- 1979/01/11

J. Geiser III 60 min.

Boothby, Norman Country Day School; Ralph Boothby 1976

A. Salzer 20 min.

Bosch, Charles Duck decoys 1979/01/01

Charles Frank 40 min.

Boucree, John Autobiography; Family ties and values; Original Illinois Club; School desegregation; Public school and Xavier Prep teaching; Xavier University 1995/02/02

Vaughan Fitzpatrick 165 min.

Boudreaux, Hilda (Mrs. Raymond) French Opera; Opera, New Orleans; Albert Voss (her father) 1990/08/21

Dorothy Mahan 40 min.

Boudreaux, Raymond J. Aquarium of Americas; Neighborhood (Vieux Carre 1930s); Preservation/Activism; Riverfront Expressway; Vieux Carre Commission; Vieux Carre Property Owners Association 1991/01/11

Dorothy Mahan 120 min.

Bougere, Marguerite Bondy Day Care; Newcomb Education Department; Newcomb College life 1984/06/26

Adele Salzer 30 min.

Bourdette, Mrs. Marion Integration; Orleans Parish School Board; Teacher's Union 1981/05/20

Dorothy Mahan 60 min.

Side 2 interview ends mid-sentence
Boyce, Hazell Business woman; Bed & breakfast; Bed & breakfast ordinance 1990 1993/05/11

Dorothy Mahan 50 min.

Brandao, Dorothy Autobiography; CIA; New Orleans Tourist & Convention Commission; Newcomb College 1983/10/12

Adele Salzer

Breaux, Mr. Solanie Acadian lifestyle; Autobiography; Loureauville 1985/07/20

Gayle Smith 45 min.

Brennan, Ella Autobiography; Brennan family; Business in New Orleans; commander's Palace Restaurant 1991/06/26

Dorothy Mahan 45 min.

Brett, Mrs. Ethel Crumb Autobiography; Le Petit Theatre; Newcomb College Art School; New Orleans 1900 1975/04/07

Dorothy Schlesinger 90 min.

Bridaham, Lester Art; Friends of the Cabildo; Louisiana State Museum 1980/03/28

Dorothy Schlesinger 90 min.

Brill, Mrs. Ben (Flora) Marrero lifestyle; Women's clothier 1988/09/22

Dorothy Schlesinger 60 min.

Brocato, Arthur Angelo Brocato Ice Cream Parlor; Autobiography; Brocato family; Business in New Orleans; Vieux Carre/Italian community 1991/07/13

Dorothy Mahan 60 min.

Brody, Henry Conrad Port of New Orleans

Patricia Rittner

Brunious, Wendell Joseph Black heritage; Jazz; Music 1988/02/22

Richard Allen 60 min.

Bruns, Mrs. T.M. Logan Independent Women's Organization; Louisiana Officials; Politics (New Orleans); Segregation; University of New Orleans 1983/03/08

Dorothy Schlesinger 40 min.

Brupacher, Geraldine "Calaboose"; New Orleans 1920s; St. Louis Cathedral; Vieux Carre, Orleans Alley 1990/06/15

Dorothy Mahan 20 min.

Buechtel, Jason Autobiography; Education; Lafayette Cemetery I; Restaurants; Southern Film Institute 1994/04/17

Dorothy Mahan 60 min.

Not included in printed index
Burguieres, Gertrude (Mrs. Sam) Autobiography; lifestyles, New Orleans 1920s 1993/04/02

Dorothy Schlesinger 45 min.

Burke, Mrs. and Burke, Miss Connie (with Queen of Comus)

No summary card
Burkenroad, William B., Jr. Autobiography; Coffee business; New Orleans attitudes 1982/02/05

Dorothy Schlesinger 40 min.

Burns, Mrs. Effie LeBlanc Rural life; Domestic service; French Quarter 1978/05/10

Dorothy Schlesinger

Busch, Elsie Autobiography; New Orleans, early 1900s 1987/03/09

Dorothy Schlesinger 50 min.

Bynum, Alden Autobiography; A.L. Davis; Epicureans; Mixed marriages; Original Illinois Club; NAACP; School desegregation; Judge John Minor Wisdom 1995/02/15

Vaughan Fitzpatrick 90 min.

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