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Oral History Program

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Person Interviewed Subject(s) of Interview Date of Interview (1) Date of Interview (2) Date of Interview (3) Interviewer(s) Length of Interview (1) Length of Interview (2) Length of Interview (3) Notes/Comments
Adams, Dr. & Mrs. William (with Rachal & Wilkerson) Blacks; Civil Rights; Desegregation 1988/02/28

Linda Adams 90 min.

Joint interview
Adams, Sister Mary Boniface Black Creole experience; Catholicism; Carrollton & Dryades neighborhoods; Interracial relationships; St. Dominic's; Sisters of the Holy Family; Xavier University 1991/09/03 1991/11/07
Mary White 50 min. 45 min.
End of this tape contains beginning of interview with Sr. Helena Jones, which continues onto tape with Sr. Delphine Townsend
Adolph, Sherwin Alcohol abuse; Autobiography; Gambling; Neighborhoods (2915 Camp St.) 1983

Sandy Robert

Not a very good tape
Albers, Marijke Dutch community; Montessori Method; Montessori Schools in New Orleans 1984/10/11

Anna Marie Van Heel 50 min.

Alcus, Bessie Neugass (Mrs. Henry) Autobiography; Huey Long; Isidore Newman; New Orleans Museum of Art; St. Charles Avenue (Middle) 1982/07/14

Dorothy Schlesinger 45 min.

Angela Gregory was also there
Alcus, Mrs. S.T. 5824 St. Charles; Neighborhood (upper St. Charles) 1975/05/20

Dorothy Schlesinger 15 min.

Aleman, Claude F. Autobiography; Belle Alliance Plantation; New Orleans (1930s); NOPSI; Sugar cane processing 1991/08/22

Mark Sporl 90 min.

Alfonso, Victor Duck decoy carving 1975/05/20

Charles Frank

Allen, Mrs. Cicely K. Huey Long; Missionaries; Panama; Panama Canal; Yellow Fever 1978/06/07

Dorothy Schlesinger 50 min.

Antoine, Ernest Antoine, Lt. Governor; Chauffeuring; Illinois Social & Pleasure Club; Racial discrimination (Illinois); Robert Charles riot 1974/07/08

Dorothy Schlesinger

9 pages, transcribed
Antoine, Mrs. Myre Dillon Rural life (Louisiana); slavery

Dorothy Schlesinger 30 min.

Antony, Marc Arts; Arts & Crafts; Literary Community; Neighborhoods (French Quarter); Local theaters 1977/09/03

Dorothy Schlesinger 75 min.

Aschaffenburg, Eugene Automobiles; Boating; Construction, early 20th century; Chef Menteur Highway; Mississippi Gulf Coast 1984/11/19

Dorothy Schlesinger 50 min.

Coralie Aschaffenburg Sloan (sister) also there
Aschaffenburg, Lysle Le Petit Theatre; Pontchartrain Hotel; World War I 1977/06/11

M. Haspel 40 min.

Ater, Mrs. Lucy Catering; Domestic Service; Mississippi Gulf Coast 1974/06/13

Dorothy Schlesinger

Augustin, Bennet M. Depression; Family; New Orleans 1910-; Legends; World War I 1979/06/14 1979/08/15
Dorothy Schlesinger
25 min.

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