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Women in New Orleans City Government
A list of women who hold or have held leadership positions in the New Orleans municipal government

Women Department Heads

1950s (Mayor deLesseps S. Morrison)
Lillie H. Nairne--Dept. of Welfare
1960s (Mayor Victor H. Schiro)
Mildred Fossier--Dept. of Welfare
1970s (Mayor Moon Landrieu)
Dr. Doris H. Thompson--Health Dept.
1980s (Mayor Ernest N. Morial)
Helen S. Stanwood--Health Dept. (acting)
Madlyn B. Richard--NORD
Evelyn F. Pugh--Dept. of Safety & Permits
Cheryl Q.W. Cramer--NORD
Coralee Basile--Chief Administrative Officer
Betty Jo Everett--Dept. of Streets
1980s & 1990s (Mayor Sidney J. Barthelemy)
Dolores Aaron--NORD
Irma Muse Dixon--Dept. of Property Management
Cynthia M. Connick--Dept. of Safety & Permits
Kathy Torregano--Dept. of Law
1994- (Mayor Marc H. Morial)
Marina Kahn--Finance Dept.
Sheila J. Webb--Health Department (Interim)
Avis Russell--Dept. of Law
Angele Wilson--NORD
Harriet Burnett--Dept. of Safety & Permits
Nannette V. Jolivette--Dept. of Sanitation
Betty J. Everett--Dept. of Streets
Lillian Zayas-Pope--Dept. of Utilities

Women Directors of City Boards and Commissions

1970s (Landrieu)
Mildred Fossier--Parkway & Park Commission
Lynda Friedman--Vieux Carre Commission
Joan Glennon--Board of City Trusts
1980s (Morial, E.N.)
Florence Schornstein--Parkway & Park Commission
1980s & 1990s (Barthelemy)
Kristina Ford--City Planning Commission

Women Directors of Non-Charter Agencies (excluding the Mayor s Office)

1950s (Morrison)
Inez Crane--Upper Pontalba Building Commission
1970s (Landrieu)
Patsy Sipos--Upper Pontalba Building Commission
Saundra K. Levy--Historic Districts/Landmarks Commission
1980s (Morial)
Harriet Burnett--Upper Pontalba Building Commission
Emilie Chandler--French Market Corporation [may have been named by Landrieu in the last weeks of his administration]
Jessie Smallwood--Housing Authority of New Orleans

Women Heads of Divisions, Etc. within the Mayor s Office

1950s (Morrison)
Betty Finnin--City Decorator
1970s (Landrieu & Morial, E. N.)
Nell Weekly--Office of Consumer Affairs
Margery Stich--Volunteers in Government of Responsibility (VIGOR)
Dr. Beverly C. Favre--Women's Office
1980s (Morial, E. N.)
Sandra Gunner--Office of Manpower & Economic Development
Helen S. Stanwood--Executive Assistant for Human Resources
Cheron M. Brylski--Office of Public Information
Alison Richards--Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
Louadrian Reed--VIGOR; Women s Office
Brenda Vorhoff--Office of Economic Development
Cristina J. Hill--VIGOR
1980s & 1990s (Barthelemy)
Jinx Broussard--Office of Public Information
Susan Johnson--Office of Employment Training & Development
Shelia Danzey--Housing & Urban Affairs
Janice L. Bartley--Housing & Urban Affairs
Almarie Ford--Human Resources
Cathy Castro--International Relations Office
Lisa Bush--VIGOR
1994- (Morial, M.H.)
Mary M. Mayo--Human Resources
Beverly Ragas--VIGOR

Revised 3/15/2004

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