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Statues in Duncan Plaza (as of May 6, 1996)

Duncan Plaza is the open space that lies in the New Orleans Civic Center on Loyola Avenue between Gravier and Perdido Streets. It is adjacent to the Louisiana State Office Building and the Louisiana Supreme Court and just across Gravier from the Main Library. Ann Kennedy of the Library's Periodicals, Arts, and Recreation Division compiled this list in May, 1996.

  • 1986 Duncan Plaza Redevelopment (plaque)
    • Gravier Street entrance on a low, free-standing base
  • Edward Douglas White, Chief Justice of the United States, 1910-1921 (statue)
    • In front of the Supreme Court building
    • Originally erected by the State of Louisiana in 1926
    • Re-erected by Lawyers of Louisiana in 1961
  • Inter-American Municipal Organization, in testimony to the efforts of deLesseps S. Morrison (plaque)
    • At Gravier Street end of the former reflecting pool (now filled in)
    • Placed 12 December 1968, on the 250th anniversary of the founding of the city
  • Morrison Memorial (statue)
    • At Perdido Street side of the former reflecting pool (now filled in)
    • Dedicated on January 18, 1971
    • Morrison Memorial Committee under Mayor Victor H. Schiro
    • Built by the State of Louisiana with Kaiser Aluminum, Avondale
    • Lin Emory, sculptor
  • War Veterans of New Orleans (flagpole)
    • Between the Loyola Avenue entrance and Perdido Street
    • Dedicated by the 1st District of the American Legion on the occasion of "Our 50th Anniversary (1919-1969)
  • John McDonogh (bust)
    • Between the Loyola Avenue entrance and Gravier Street
    • Moved from Lafayette Square in May, 1977
    • Angela Gregory, sculptor
  • Brooke Duncan (plaque)
    • Missing from its base near the corner of Loyola Avenue and Gravier Street
    • Dedicated 1957 or 1958(?)
  • "Striding Man" (statue)
    • Near the corner of Loyola Avenue and Perdido Street
    • Funded by Jacob Schoen Funeral Home Corporation
    • Robert Schoen, sculptor

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