Madlyn B. Richard was Director of the New Orleans Recreation Department during the last years of Mayor Dutch Morialís administration. She married Michael Bagneris in 1990 and later served as Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Social Services from 1996-1999.

In 1981 Michael G. Bagneris was Executive Counsel to Mayor Dutch Morial. He was elected to the Orleans Parish Civil District Court in 1993 and became Chief Judge of that body at the beginning of this year.

Okla Jones was the first African American to serve as City Attorney for the city of New Orleans. He was appointed by Mayor Sidney J. Barthelemy in 1986 but left to run for a judgeship on the Civil District Court. He was elected in 1991, and in 1994 was named to the U.S. District Court by President Bill Clinton. Judge Jones died of leukemia in 1996.

Yada T. Magee was an Assistant City Attorney in 1981. She currently is a judge on the Civil District Court.

In 1981 John Wilson III was chief city planner for the City Planning Commission. He later served as the Commissionís Executive Director.

In 1981 Helen S. Stanwood was Deputy Director of the New Orleans Health Department. She later succeeded Arnold Broussard as Mayor Dutch Morialís Executive Assistant for Human Resources.

In 1981 Audrey Gates was a program coordinator in the Management Services Division of the cityís Office of Manpower. Last year Ms. Gates retired from city government as Director of the City Council Research Office.

Robert Dabney, Jr. served in the Office of Public Information during the administration of Mayor Dutch Morial, for several years as its Director.

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