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The Every Child Ready to Read Program is a parent and caregiver education initiative, designed to introduce the practices for building early literacy skills, practices that can be enjoyed during your child's day-to-day routines. This program provides fun activities that highlight local stories, customs and culture, and develops early literacy skills necessary to become READY TO READ when a child enters school.

Explore the many ways you can help your child become READY TO READ


Five of the BEST practices to help your child become READY TO READ are: Talking, Singing, Reading, Writing and Playing.

    Your child is listening. This is how your child learns to talk — by listening….to you. By describing activities you are doing, food you are eating, things you are seeing, and people you are meeting you will teach your child new words. Children understand words LONG before they learn to say them. Tell a story about the day your child was born, talk about something exciting you saw today, or share a story from when you were a child — just TALK!

    Sing a song, play an instrument, sing along. By hearing different rhythms and rhymes children learn the smaller sounds in words. Sing nursery rhymes in the morning and lullabies at night. Sing when you’re happy or sad, about good things and bad — just SING!

    Reading and telling stories together makes a difference that lasts a lifetime. Show your child that sharing stories and reading are meaningful ways to spend time together and they will follow your lead. Read everywhere you go, throughout your day: traffic signs, food labels, billboards, books — just READ!

    Encourage your child to scribble, color, draw, trace, paint, cut and glue. Crafts build hand-eye coordination and fine motor control skills, both skills they will need to be ready to write letters, words and stories. Draw in the dirt, draw in the air, play with writing everywhere — just WRITE!

    Your child is naturally curious and full of playful energy. During play times ask questions, encourage dramatic play, build with blocks, re-enact favorite stories or books — just PLAY, PLAY, PLAY!

Every Child Ready to Read® is a public library curriculum grounded in early literacy research. The curriculum is based on tested, research-based principles and best practices from exemplary early literacy programs. Every Child Ready to Read® is a program of the Association for Library Services for Children and the Public Library Association, divisions of the American Library Association. Every Child Ready to Read® is a registered trademark and is used with permission.

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